Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrapbook Paper Picture Frames

I have had these two unfinished wooden frames for about a year now and just finally decided what to do with them...

I started by tracing them both on scrapbook paper that coordinated with the decor in my girls room and then cut it out then applied it too the bare wood with a very thin layer of hodgepodge. When you do this I have found that a thin layer works best and try to smooth it as you go so you don't get any air bubbles trapped between the paper and the wood. Let it dry for a bit. Then I sanded the edges of the frames so that the paper that hung over the a tiny bit got sanded off and the edges started to look a little worn. To finish them all off  I just used an ink pad from my scrapbooking supplies and inked around all the sides of the frame and then wiped off all the access ink after I was all done- I used the ink instead of paint because I wanted the wood grain to show through it- plus it was super easy and now paintbrush to clean out afterwards! And voilĂ  they were done! 

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I have some of those square framed mirrors from Ikea that I want to do this too! Not to mention something I could add into a client order! Thanks for sharing!!!


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