Saturday, May 25, 2013

Field Study Reversible Sunday Sling

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Anna Maria Horner fabric and Amy Butler patterns!

AMH's Field Study line has been one of my favorites this year... I used almost the entire line in my Scrappy Trip Along quilt and used up some of my leftover scraps to make a makeup bag...

Last year I made Amy Butler's infamous Weekender Bag. So I thought I would try another Amy Butler pattern... I went for the Reversible Sunday Sling

I love love love this bag! I made this one for my little sis and have plans to make one for myself and possibly another for a gift.

For the Exterior of the bag, I used Field Study Parenthetical in Potpourri . It is a linen/cotton blend. I love working with it. It is a gorgeous fabric! Those feathers.... ahh....swoon!

One of the things that drew me to this pattern was the cute handles. I love how they are just tied in a knot. It totally makes the bag different than any other I have seen or made.

Did I mention that it is reversible?!? Umm... Can it get any better?

For the interior of the bag I used AMH LouLouThi Clippings in Passion. I love this fabric so much! I have quite a bit of yardage in this print and am thinking it would be perfect for a summer skirt.

I wish I would have placed my pattern pieces a little different so that the huge roses weren't lined up awkwardly... Oh well- you live and you learn- right?

I am loving these big pockets! They are on both side of the bag. Lots of places to store things!

I made the small version of the bag... Which is still quite large-  It measures 18" wide x 14" tall (28" tall with handles) x 3 deep.
I pretty much stuck to the pattern when making this bag but I did make one little change- I left off the cell phone pocket. I figured with all of the pockets on it already I didn't need to make a separate one for a phone. 
My only tip when making this bag is to make sure you use a brand new heavy duty needle when putting together the bag!

This pattern was super easy to follow and very clear. I definitely recommend it! :)
(I bought my pattern here.)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Out to Sea and Oliver + S Dresses

So I know Easter has come and gone, but it's never too late to share a cute little dress, right?
Last year I made handmade Easter dresses for my girls for Easter Sunday.... So I wanted to do the same this year, but instead of designing them myself, I opted to use a pattern. 

I am head over heels for this Out to Sea fabric by Sarah Jane... I knew that it would be perfect for Easter Dresses.

I used the Oliver + S Puppet Show Dress pattern for my youngest daughters dress. I made the size 2 but it was slightly large on her through the sleeve and pretty roomy in the skirt/dress... She is almost 3 but she's a tiny little thing. It will fit her for a while...

I used the My Favorite Ship in Breeze for the main part of the dress and then Raspberry Pirate Stripe for the accent fabric and I used up some of my vintage anchor buttons that I inherited from my grandma. 

I really loved this pattern. I love anything by Oliver + S so that is no surprise! It is out of print so it is only available in PDF form but it's just darling! I can't wait to make some of the puppet show shorts for my girls to wear this summer. 

I used the Oliver + S Fairytale Dress pattern for my oldest daughters dress. It is probably my favorite Oliver + S dress I have made yet ( I have made this dress, the Ice Cream Dress, and the Puppet Show Dress now). I have made the Fairytale Dress twice now (still need to blog about the first one I made). This time I made it without the collar and sash. It's fully lined with lightweight voile and has an invisible zipper in the back. It is such a great pattern! I will make it again and again I am sure...
I used the size 3 pattern for the bodice and the size 4 for the skirt of the dress. She is 4 years old but tall and skinny. 

One of my very favorite things about this dress is the tulip sleeves. Could they be any cuter? I think not! ;)

For this dress I used Sail Away in Bloom for the entire dress. This fabric is mostly white but has ships, water, and clouds along each of the selvage edges so I was able to place my pattern pieces to keep the ships along the bottom edge of the dress and keep the bodice and sleeves white. I did have to place my pattern pieces the opposite way the pattern called for on the skirt, but it turned out great still. I needed a bit more yardage so that I had enough of the white for the top of the dress too. 

I love the way they turned out and so did the littles... Job accomplished!

Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Dolly Towel Tutorial

Last weekend while we were visiting family in Kansas, we were able to take our girls to the American Girl store.... They have been a couple times and they LOVE it! It is was fun to watch them look at everything and try out all the fun accessories with their babies. 

My oldest had been saving her birthday money for our trip so she could buy something new for her baby. Once we got there, she was torn between a new outfit and a towel. She ended up buying the new outfit but I could tell that she was still thinking about that towel for the rest of the day. Once we got home from our trip, I decided it would be fun to make a towel for her baby.

It was so easy and quick... I made two towels for about $6. Pretty great deal since it would have cost me over $20 to buy at the store!

(you can actually make 2 towels with the supplies listed below... If you make two towels be sure to measure twice and cut once because you will need almost all of the fabric I listed. If you prefer to only make one towel you can just cut one of each piece instead of two like I am instructing)
1/2 yard terry cloth (I got mine at Joann- located in the baby section near the minky fabrics)
1 package double folded bias tape
(I made my own bias tape- I used a fat quarter per towel- I am not sure how much binding comes in the prepackaged binding so you may need 2 packs if you are making two towels-)

Step 1: Cut two pieces that are 18x18. These will be the main part of each towel.

Step 2: Cut one 9x9 square. Then cut it in half diagonally to create  triangles. These will be the hood for each towel. 

Step 3: Place one triangle on one of the corners of one large square. Be sure the nap of the terrycloth is going in the same direction on each piece. I used a plate as a template to round the edges of my towel, but if you prefer you can leave them straight. (if you are making two towels repeat this step for the second towel)

Step 4: Bias binding... If you are using a pre-made bias binding then you are all set- if you are making your own binding you will make the bias tape at this point. (I am not going to do a step by step on how to do this, but if you need one, Dana at MADE has a great tutorial on how to make bias tape. If you rounded the corners on your towel you will need to make your binding on the bias for stretching around the curves but if you are leaving your corners square you don't have to make your binding on the bias.)
I wanted a really tiny binding so I cut my strips of fabric on the bias to be 1 1/2 start so once I folded them (double fold) they were pretty tiny (just under 1/2 inch). You can use whatever size you would like, but I think the weight of the tiny bias worked well with the thin terrycloth. I used a fat quarter so I had to piece a lot of strips to get the length I needed... I made about 90 inches of bias but didn't use quite that much per towel.

Step 5: Attach the bias binding. (I am not going to do a step by step on how to attach the binding, but here is another great tutorial by Dana at MADE on how to sew on binding. I sew my tape on the "proper way" like she explains and it looks really nice.)
To start, sew your binding to the bottom edge of the triangle. 

Step 6: Once your binding is sewn to the hood of the towel (triangle) place the triangle back on the main part of the towel and pin in place. I basted the hood to the towel so that it stayed in place when I attached the rest of the binding but that step is optional.

Step 7: Apply the rest of the binding to the outside of the towel.

That's it! You are done!! Unless of course you are making two towels- then repeat the steps for the second towel. 

I hope your little one enjoys this new towel as much as my gals do! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Fabric Find: ModeS4u Fabric Shop

As most of you know... I am a huge fan of fabric! 
I have a darling local shop where I find some of my fabric, but I like buy most of my fabric online when I find good deals/sales- so I love it when I find a great online shop to add to my list!