Friday, April 26, 2013

Oliver + S Mini Messenger Bag

This week was Kids Clothes Week... A week to sew clothing for your kids. It's been a fun week for instagram- seeing all of the cute clothes that were created! I can't believe how talented some people are! 
Even though I had grand hopes and ideas for joining in, I guess you could say I kinda- pretty much- failed. No cute clothes were made in my home this week... but I did manage a cute accessory so it wasn't a total fail! ;)

Ever since I got the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book I have been wanting to make the small messenger bag for each of my girls. (it's probably the main reason I bought to book)

I love Oliver + S patterns because they are written so well and the finished product is neat and professional looking. This pattern did not disappoint... I love the way it turned out and so did  the Little Miss! Score!

When I got this darling Thumbelina fabric a few months ago I didn't really have any idea what I would make with it, but I think this project perfectly showcased the print. 

I am head over heels for these birds, hedgehogs, flowers, and polka dots- and Thumbelina riding a bird with a parasol- it doesn't get much cuter than that!

I used Carnaby Street Rose Girl About Town for the interior of the bag, linen for the handle, and Marmalade Stripe in Leaf  for the bias trim

The fabric that I used for the outside of the bag was a pretty lightweight linen and the interior of the bag was quilting cotton so I ended up making a slight change to the pattern- I used duck cloth in between the two layers to make it a little more heavy duty. (I just used the duck cloth for the main bag flap, the side panels of  and the front panel- so I didn't used it on any of the pockets or pocket flaps- the end result wasn't too bulky or heavy- just the right weight.)

This little messenger bag is the perfect size for my tiny 4 year old- big enough to carry her stuff but not too big to overpower her.

Now the other Little Miss is requesting her very own bag as well... Guess it's off the the sewing machine for me- but who's complaining! I love it when they request I make them something! :)

Have a great weekend! xoxo, Ashley

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Very Scrappy Trip Along... FINISHED!

I finally finished my Field Study Scrappy Trip Along quilt! What a relief! 
 I used mostly prints by Anna Maria Horner's newest line: Field Study, but I did throw in a couple Lou Lou Thi prints, a few Bloomsbury Garden prints, Timber and Leaf, and a couple other random prints. I love the bold, crazy color scheme... I think it tied together well.

It ended up being 90x100 inches so it was slightly larger than a standard queen sized quilt. Holy Cow! I am so happy to be done with it. I loved making it, but after cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding this massive quilt- I was sick of it! Now that it's finished, any unkind feelings have since been forgotten!

I went for a very scrappy quilt... I used most of the leftover strips for the binding and part of the backing so it turned out VERY colorful and VERY scrappy. I love it though. It is definitely one of a kind! 

It was so large that there was no way for me to take a picture of the entire quilt by myself, so I draped it over a tree branch and was able to get a picture of a portion of it. (almost half is tucked under and hanging over the back of the branch.)

Although my quilt is super scrappy, I couldn't let go of all control- I had to keep some sort of fabric/color/design to tie it all together- maybe next time I will throw all order to the wind and go completely scrappy. I used the blue leopard print on the long diagonal of each block to create the unified diamond. The rest is totally random and scrappy.

I quilted the quilt myself by doing straight lines with my walking foot. It resulted in a grid of 3 3/4 inch squares. I am not brave enough to try my hand at free motion quilting yet- especially on a quilt this size, but I am pleased with the way it turned out...

Last year, when I did a little makeover on my bedroom, I bought a duvet cover for my bed. I loved it, however, after only a handful of months, the cover started to rip/tear at the button closure. I couldn't believe it! It was unrepairable. So I decided when I started my Scrappy Trip Along quilt that it would replace our duvet. I was able to salvage the backside of the cover and use it as a quilt back (I did have to add some scraps to make it large enough but I had a pretty large piece to start with). So in the end, I didn't feel as horrible about the duvet not holding up in the long run.

I think the quilt looks great with my pillows. It definitely adds to the eclectic feel of my room. My husband even likes it! Win Win!

I loved following along with all of the other talented quilters and seeing the progress on Instagram! So fun!! Can't wait to get working on my Marcelle Medallion quilt now! Yay for Instagram quilt alongs!!!