Friday, July 3, 2015

Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap

 Quilt swaps are all the rage on Instagram right now! It seems like every week, there is a signup for a new swap. One of the things that is so fun about the swaps is that most of them are open to anyone who wants to join. It is a great way to make new sewing friends and participate- whether you are a blogger, or just love to sew. 
If you have never done a swap before, you should try it. It is a lot of fun! Once you sign up, you are given a partner to create a mini quilt for (someone different will be making one for you). In each swap I have been in, the partners have been kept secret so that you don't know who will be creating your mini and your partner won't know that you are creating the mini for them. In larger quilt swaps, you are put into a smaller group and each group has a "swap mama" who is in charge of making sure that things run smoothly. The group usually has a separate hashtag, so when you search that hashtag you know that one of the quilts in that hashtag will be sent your way. 

This was my third swap and I definitely plan to do more in the future! :) The best way to stay in the loop and hear about upcoming swaps is to follow all of your favorite quilters/sewing friends on IG. Word usually gets around pretty quick once a new swap is announced. (You could also search hashtags for mini swaps too.) Each swap is different and has different rules, so just make sure you read the rules before you sign up to make sure it is going to be a good fit for you. :) 

A few months back, there was a signup for the Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap (#cottonandsteelminiquiltswap), hosted by Modern Stitchin Mama. I love Cotton + Steel, so I knew it would be a fun swap. I have been wanting to create a mini sampler quilt, so it was the perfect time. It was definitely a labor of love and took a while to make, but I loved making each block. 

A lot of people have asked on IG if there is a pattern to make this quilt and the answer is yes... and no.  I used a pattern for several of the blocks, but I also improved and made some without patterns too.

So I thought I would link y'all to the blocks that DO have patterns for them. 
(Most of them are foundation paper piecing patterns.) 

 January Quilt block by Lady Harvatine (I printed mine at 50% so it's 6" square)

For my rainbow, I used 2 striped pattern pieces from the Pickle Dish pattern from Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance book and then pieced them together like a rainbow and then appliqu├ęd the rainbow to the quilt block.

For the crazy patch quilt label, I used this pattern

When the quilt was all finished, I wasn't sure that I would be able to part with it! ha ha But alas, the mailing date came and it was time for my mini to go to a new home. 

Even though it was so hard to part with my mini quilt, I was sent the most gorgeous mini in return from Crystal @keystonecharmquilts. I am so head over heels for this mini! It's absolutely perfect in every way! I love the way that she switched the fabric placement and did a different take on a traditional kaleidoscope quilt block! I can't wait to hang it on my wall!

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Happy Sewing! 
xoxo, Ashley

P.S. Happy 4th of July to my friends that live in the USA! I hope that y'all have a wonderful weekend celebrating our great country!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

La Passacaglia: Part 2

If you have been following me on Instagram, you've probably seen the long term project that I've been working on lately. It's a crazy EPP quilt called the La Passacaglia

The pattern can be found in the Millefiori Quilts book (#1) by Willyne Hammerstein. I picked up a copy of the book as well as the paper pieces and acrylic templates at 
It's definitely a bit of an investment to do this project, but it's also SUPER fun and addictive. I love coming up with new color combos, fabric combos, and fussy cutting just about every single piece. 
I am just making each cog as I go along and not really giving much thought to the placement or end result, but I am having fun and love each cog that I create so I am crossing my fingers that in the end it will all work out and be a one of a kind quilt that I can treasure forever. 

 It has been so much fun to start seeing the progress once I have sewn the cogs together! It is starting to actually feel like a quilt instead of just shapes. 

I found a little organizer that is perfect for keeping all of my paper pieces in order. It's called the Divided Case by Sterilite. I found mine at Target, but have heard that they are hard to come by, so if you see one- snatch it up! Here is a link to the only case I can find online. (it's slightly different colors but looks like its the same thing as what I have.)

I plan to do a post soon with progress pictures of the full quilt (what I have done so far) and would be happy to answer any questions that anyone has- so just leave a comment below and I will answer it in my post. If you need an answer sooner, leave your email and I will answer you directly. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley

Monday, June 22, 2015

Folk Song Fabric Giveaway from FabricCadabra


Can you believe that June is almost over?! I swear that time moves 3 times as fast in the summer months- don't you think? Probably because we're all busy having too much fun during the summer! ;)

I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway to celebrate summer and I couldn't think of a fabric line that screams summer more than Anna Maria Horner's Folk Song line. Those colors... seriously! 

My new sponsor FabricCadabra has so generously offered to send a fat quarter bundle of the color way of your choice to one lucky reader! 

The winner will have the choice of either the Dawn Palette, which is full of warm yellows, and pinks/reds...
or the Dusk Palette, which is full of cooler blues, and greens. 
I have each of these fabrics in my stash and the photos just don't even do them justice! {But I feel that is just a given with anything by Anna Maria Horner! She's my fav!}

I will randomly select one winner on Monday June 29th and notify them by email.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment letting me know which bundle you would choose. (your answer in no way effects the outcome of the giveaway)
 Optional bonus entries:
Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. (if you do all three, leave three comments.)


Congrats to
wow, that is hard to choose! i really like the dawn palette, though! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Mail Mini Quilt Swap

One of my very favorite things to make and receive are mini quilts. I love them because they are the perfect way to try out a block or two of a quilt you've been wanting to make, or the perfect size to design something intricate that you may not want or have the time to do in a full size quilt.
I joined a couple mini quilt swaps this year and have had such a fun time with them that I decided to host my own. I wanted it to be small, just a handful of friends. I named it the Happy Mail Mini Quilt Swap, because who doesn’t love a bit of happy mail?!

It has been so much fun! Big swaps are fun too of course, but this one was extra fun because I knew everyone involved. 
Once the partners were divvied up, I found out that the friend I would be creating a mini for was Ayumi of Pink Penguin. Talk about intimidating! She is incredible! She just came out with her very own fabric line! (Lighthearted Fabric) Ayumi is one of the very first "sewing bloggers" that I started following when I started blogging/sewing. She is sooo talented, so to say I was nervous to create something for her, is an understatement! 

As I was planning the mini I wanted to create, I remembered a picture that I came across 2 years ago on Pinterest. At the time, the picture that I had pinned didn't have a link. So with the help of friends on IG, I discovered that it was a picture from the Japanese magazine Couturier. I don't speak Japanese, so I am not sure what is said about the quilt, but I decided to make something that was inspired by this image. 
I started by making 5 inch quilt blocks. (I made roughly 16 but only 12 made the cut.)  After each block was made, I took the block, batting, and 5 inch square of backing fabric and put them right sides together and then stitched around the entire block leaving a 3 inch opening to turn the block right side out. Then I whip stitched the opening closed (I know I should have done a ladder stitch, but for some reason I just can't get the hang of it.) Then I hand quilted each block with 12 wt white aurifil thread. 
Essentially I had 12 coasters when I was all done. 
I arranged them in the order I wanted and then it was time to stitch them together. I took my blocks, starting with 2, and put them right sides together and whip stitched the edge. If you have done EPP, you will probably know what I am talking about. (the trick was just catching the front quilt block fabric- I'll explain later.) Once the two were connected, I opened up the blocks and added the next one on. I created 3 rows of 4. Once the rows were assembled, I put the rows right sides together and did the same thing all along the edges to connect them- again, just catching the front fabric with my needle and taking small, tight whip stitches. Once the rows were all sewn together, I laid the quilt face down on a table and carefully whip stitched the back of the blocks together.  
This probably doesn't make a lot of sense as you are reading it, but the reason I did it this way was because just like in EPP, you don't want your stitches to be visible from the front when you are looking at it. So with piecing the blocks together just like EPP, the stitches aren't visible- the only difference is the back wouldn't be "hidden" with a quilt back, so that is why the whip stitches were necessary on the back, they kinda "closed up" the seams and hid my first whip stitches in between the blocks. 
In the end, this quilt is pretty much all hand pieced, with the exception of using my machine to sew around the edges of the blocks as mentioned before. 
I had so much fun creating the blocks. Most of them were hand appliqued, but all of them were of my own design. If I wanted to create something- like this pink penguin (a nod to Ayumi's blog), I just found a picture online to eyeball and drew out my pieces by hand to create my tiny patchwork. The blocks aren't perfect by any means, but overall I love the effect of the quilt. 

I hope my directions make sense! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions and I will be sure to answer them! 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 
Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley

Friday, May 1, 2015

Seeing Rainbow

{photo by me}

I can not believe it is May already! April and March have been such a whirlwind for me! I had family come into town to visit for a couple weeks- which meant road trips all over the South, sightseeing and showing everyone a good time. Then we found out that we will be moving back to the midwest at the end of the summer, which somehow crazily resulted in a spur of the moment "book a flight the day before the trip" house hunting excursion last weekend- which was a lot of fun but also somewhat stressful and tiring! ;) Plus, regular everyday living has been busy busy busy- but I'm not complaining! Life is good and I am so blessed.

  I've been sewing off and on through it all, but everything is still in a WIP {work in progress} state so I haven't had much to show here on the good ole blog....... Soooooo.... I decided that I better do a "What I've been working on lately" post for those of you that aren't cruising around on Instagram seeing the progress.  

Over the last few weeks I've done a bit of work on my La Passacagliasewed a Quilted Suitcase for quilt market, but the biggest things that I have been working on as of late are a couple mini quilt swaps- one that I am doing with a few close IG friends, and the other is the #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap. Both are pushing me to create something that will be loved and appreciated by the recipients.
{Rainbow is a improvised version of the Pickle Dish mini I made, the January block is scaled down to 50% which makes it roughly 6" square. }

Here is the progress on my Cotton + Steel mini. It is looking like it will be a sampler mini quilt of sorts, but I still have a few more elements to add and then will start to figure out placements of each block and whatnot. The colors are so vibrant and I love each of the blocks! I'm gonna have a hard time sending this mini to it's new home! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley

Monday, April 20, 2015

Quilting for Twins

Last month I started a fun project- quilting for TWINS! (But not my own! ;)
My sweet cousin is pregnant with twins... A boy and a girl. As soon as I heard the news, I started day dreaming about a fun color palette for coordinating quilts to make for her and the babies.
I wanted something that would coordinate, but not be matchy-matchy. I started pulling fabrics from my stash and the fabric that kept jumping out to me was Wild and Free Folk Plaid by Maureen Cracknell. I felt like it would be the perfect fabric to tie both quilts together. 

So first I pulled fabric for the baby girl quilt. I started with the plaid, and then added some peachy fabrics as well as some mustard. Some of my favorites were the Wild and Free Arrows, Arizona Desert Blanket by April Rhodes, Winged Plumage by Bonnie Christine, & Domino Dot in Geranium by Violet Craft.

I really love the way the colors came together. I think this combo is so dreamy- plus since most of them are Art Gallery fabrics, they have the softest hand and it is just an incredibly snuggly quilt!
After I finished the baby girl quit, I pulled fabrics for the baby boy quilt. Again, I used the Wild and Free Folk Plaid as the fabric to tie both quilts together. Then I added some Cotton + Steel Basics from the blue and mint color ways, Essex Dyed Linen in BlackHello Bear Buck Forrest by Bonnie Christine, and some black and white fabrics pulled from my stash. (I used the folk plaid for backing on this one and I am going to have to do it again! It was the perfect quilt back.) I tried to do a new and fresh color combo that I hadn't really seen before, and I think its perfect for a little boy. 
The quilts have made it to their destination and are anxiously awaiting for the babies to arrive and snuggle with them! Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope y'all have a happy week!
xoxo, Ashley

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zip Up Makeup Case | Ribbon Blog Tour

 I'm excited to be a part of the Renaissance Ribbons Tour for Going Home to Roost. The tour just started and will last 3 weeks, with a new project everyday featuring Bonnie Christine's beautiful ribbons. Today I get to share the project that I designed using the gorgeous fabrics and ribbon that Bonnie sent me.  
Be sure to check out the yesterdays project by Audrey of Skirt Fixation and the tour will continue tomorrow with Sarah of Smiles Too Loudly.

I jumped at the chance to be a part of the tour because I have never worked with any Renaissance Ribbons and I am a total fan of anything designed by Bonnie Christine! 
{Have you seen the butterflies from her Winged fabric line that I am using in my La Passacaglia quilt? Gorgeous!}
I knew that this would be the perfect fabric and ribbon to make a case for my daughters to keep their pretend make up in. They love doing makeovers and are fascinated by momma's makeup case, so I knew they would love a case of their own. 
This make up was one of the very first projects I ever shared on the blog! It's held up for 4 years of playing and it's still going strong! Here is a link to the tutorial if you are interested in creating makeup for your little princess that doesn't make a mess! Just ignore the horrible pictures! ha ha I was totally new to blogging! ;)
 I chose to use the Ivory on Gray Nesting Blooms ribbon paired with a cute print from Bonnie's Hello Bear line and a print from her Winged line- along with a couple scraps from my stash to  create my patchwork for the front of the pouch. I love the colors! Plus the prints are manufactured by Art Gallery and have the most beautiful hand to them! 
{The ribbons are available for purchase directly from Renaissance Ribbons, or A Stitch in Time.}
 I just kinda made up my pattern as I went along. 
For the inside, I made one zipper pouch to keep their makeup in, and the other side of the case has a pocket to keep brushes in. 
(I kinda recreated a different version of my Field Study make up case for the pocket to hold the brushes.)
What makes it perfect, is that it zips together to keep everything contained and the handle makes it easy to carry around. 

  I used the ribbon for the handle of the case (I top stitched it to a fabric strap) and also used it on the inside of the case to cover up the "raw" edge of a zipper so it had a neatly finished look. The ribbon was great to work with. It is woven jacquard ribbon so the underside is "thready", which is why I had to sew it to something to use for the handle, but I can think of a lot of projects that the ribbon would work beautifully in! The pictures don't even do them justice! So detailed and vibrant.
My girls absolutely love it! I was their first "make over client" and I see many pretend make overs in my future! So fun to have "girly girls"! :)

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Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley