Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Sofia the First Amulet of Avalor

I know that I post about sewing most of the time on my blog, but today I thought I would share a different sort of project that I did with my little girls last week. It was a lot of fun... They absolutely loved it!

So if you are a mom/aunt/grandma to a little girl, chances are you may have heard of a darling Disney TV show called Sofia the First. We are big fans of this show at our house. My little girls love Princess Sofia! (If you aren't into letting your kiddos watch TV, there are lots of darling Sofia the First books- like this one. I think it has the cutest combination of illustrations and fonts I have ever seen in a book. I absolutely love it!)

In the books and the show, Sofia has a magical necklace called the "Amulet of Avalor". It helps her do all sorts of things.
 My youngest daughter got a Sofia the First dress and crown for her birthday last year, but every time she pretended to be Sofia, she says "I need an amulet... I can't be magic like Sofia unless I have an amulet." So we decided it would be a fun project to make our own Amulets.
 We headed to Joann and went to the jewelry section. I got a large bag of assorted chunky plastic purple beads that looked like "jewels" according to my girls, some purple tear shaped medallions for the center of the necklace (they came in a pack of 3), and some elastic cord to string the beads so the necklace is stretchy. 
I let them string a few practice necklaces to get a feel for working with the beads and then we talked about patterns and stringing our beads in order to create the design of what we want it to look like. It was a lot of fun and was good practice- they had fun making a game of guessing "what bead comes next in the pattern?". 
After we had the beads strung on the elastic, I tied the elastic with a square knot and put a dot of super glue on the knot so it doesn't come undone and slid a bead over the knot while it was still wet. 
I am so glad that we made our own amulets instead of just going and buying one. It was such a fun and easy project for us to do together. We made an "Amulet of Avalor"  for each of my girls to keep and a couple to give to their friends. After we were all done, they had the idea to use the leftover beads to make mini necklaces for their bitty babies to wear. So fun watching them create!

Have a great week!! 
xoxo, Ashley