Sunday, June 12, 2011

Polka Dots

I decided to make myself a dress.... I had to teach a lesson in relief society today (first time ever teaching in RS- a little nerve-racking) and I wanted something new to wear. I figured I would attempt to make my own!

I was looking at the Elle Apparel blog and found a tutorial that I thought looked fun and made it... it didn't turn out quite like I hoped (the fit wasn't right) so I had to improvise a little and added some elastic and this is how it turned out....

To make the dress it is just a t shirt cut off with a little elastic and some fabric for the skirt. It was fairly simple and now that I know how to make this dress it just might be my go to dress... You can make it your own with different t-shirts (patterned or plain) and then fabric. I think if your shirt is patterned then the skirt looks better plain and visa versa... But it could turn out really cool to have both patterned fabrics if you had the right combination... The sky is the limit... The tutorial is here

Once I was done with my dress I didn't want to waste the bottom of a perfectly good t-shirt so I turned the leftovers into a skirt for my daughter. So we were twiners today at church:)


  1. Too cute, Ash! You are amazing! Sad I couldn't hear your lesson. I am sure you did great!!!

  2. You are so cute Ashley! I love your dress! Can you make me one just like it? :)

  3. Ashley, Cute, cute, cute you and your dress are!
    your lesson wasfabulous, too!


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