Monday, June 6, 2011

Bird Artwork

I love birds in decor. I think they are earthy, fresh, and just cute!

I bought this frame at Ikea and it was originally black. I spray painted it light pink to match the girls room and then I couldn't decide what in the heck to do with it. I tried about 5 different things and nothing looks cute or how I wanted it to look. Finally I decided that I wanted to incorporate birds somehow. Since it is a picture frame and has glass I just covered the cardboard insert with fabric using spray adhesive and then cut some birds out with a pattern I found online (I honestly can't even find the website I used to print this out... I have looked and looked and haven't been able to find it to link back to) and put them in place of where I wanted them and then put in into the frame and that is my attempt at my own artwork... Simple- but what can you expect from someone who isn't an artist? ha ha


  1. Cute idea! I like going to a first post and see how or why or what it was that got a blog started...sometimes you can also learn something about the blogger :o) So nice to meet you...

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. That is so pretty! What a fun addition to your girls room!

  3. I am stopping by from the love notes link party. I am a new follower of yours and I love love love this frame! Wish I had a little girl to make this for...maybe I'll do it in blue for my baby boy.


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