Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY Floral Arrangement

I have always wanted to make my own floral arrangement, but never have due to the fact that I didn't know what in the heck I was doing. 

On a whim at Hobby Lobby the idea came back and I decided once and for all I was going to do it. 
The flowers were 50% off, I found the perfect tin to make it in (that just happened to be on clearance for $7), and I figured "What is the worst that could happen??...............It turns out ugly and no one ever has to know about it!" ha ha 

After staring at the tin on my kitchen table for about 5 minutes wondering where in the world to even start, I delved in and just started putting flowers places (and taking them out again when it didn't look perfect) and after about and hour I came up with this.

One thing that is great about making your own arrangement is that you can control the colors and flowers you put in it! So the options are endless! 
Now you try it! 


  1. this is way cute ashley.
    i just started a link party! called flashback friday.
    it's a place to link up some oldies!
    i'd love for you to link this up! or your bird art... i love that too :)
    {love} lauryn

  2. thanks for linking up ash! i love your darling stuff.
    flashback fridays is going on again today and will be going all week.. i'd love for you to enter!
    {love} lauryn


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