Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lamp Redo

My little girl's room is pink and aqua blue. I love the color combination... The blue balances out the pink so it's girly but not over the top. Finding a lamp to match with both colors in it was pretty much impossible (at least on my budget) so I decided to make one myself- or I should say make over one. I found the lamp base and shade at Walmart (one of my favorite stores- don't judge me! ha ha) and I definitely thought they had potential. The base was rubbed oil bronze and the lamp shade was a khaki-ish canvas. Not quite the colors I was hoping for, but I bought a bottle of pink spray paint for the base... enlisted my husband to spray paint it for me (I was prego at the time) and I got some cute fabric I liked and covered the shade with spray adhesive and put the fabric on.... It used to look like this...

It was cute, but as I was walking through World Market (another of my favorite stores) the other day, I saw some wrapping paper that was the exact look I was hoping for in the first place...

So I bought a couple rolls- came home and pulled the fabric off and gave it another make over. I think it is a funner lamp now- More of an eye catcher! I love the gold in the wrapping paper- the sun catches it and makes it shine! Ooh La La! ;)

Making over a lamp is so easy and super inexpensive (two thumbs up!)... It's a great way to add a little umph to your room...you could use wrapping paper, news paper, fabric- pretty much anything! Throw in some spray paint and you are golden! 


  1. I know you used spray adhesive but i don't know what you used to apply the wall paper on the shade. Will the heat from the bulb produce too much heat for the wall paper to come off?

    1. It was actually wrapping paper- not wall paper. I used the spray adhesive on the fabric when I had done it the first time, but since this was paper, I actually just used a hot glue gun and did it that way. I only glued a tiny bit on the seams and then just rolled the shade and pulled the paper tight and glued the seam to over lap the 1st seam.(so there is only a tiny bit of glue on the back of the shade holding the paper on) Then I used hot glue again once I wrapped the paper over the top and bottom of the shade edge and just did a small line of glue around the top of the shade and bottom of the shade and wrapped the paper over onto the glue. Does that make sense? You could probably do it a number of ways, but I have never had any issue with the heat making the paper or fabric come off both when it was held on with spray adhesive and then now that it is hot glued on. It has been 2 years now and it still looks great. Hope this helps!!

  2. I know this is an old post, but any idea where I can find this wrapping paper?? Do you happen to know the brand?


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