Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Craft Blog.

Honestly- a week ago I had no intentions of making a craft blog. And there is a very big chance that no one will ever look at this thing, but I am doing it anyways.

Reason #1. I have been posting pictures of my crafts on our family blog and I have hopes of having our blog printed into books for family scrapbooks (one day when I have the money) and having random pictures of crafts I make, and will probably think are ugly in 5 years, really isn't what I want in the family book. :)

Reason #2. My family blog is private and so only close friends and family can look at it. My crafts have no reason to be private. Anyone can look and copy my ideas - something I love to do with other's ideas and cute things they make. (And my sister in law Ash kinda put the idea in my head to make a craft blog a few weeks ago too.)

Reason #3. Gives me more motivation to learn new ways to be crafty and display the things I make. 

So here we go....Hope my ideas inspire someone to get their craft on!.:)


  1. Yay! I love it already!!! Your crafts are awesome. I can't wait to follow along, and even better, craft with you!

    We missed you at the strawberry farm this morning, I hope your girls are feeling better!

  2. you are amazing, love this idea. let's craft soon.

  3. "And there is a very big chance that no one will ever look at this thing"

    P.S. I found your blog online while looking for something for my friends and I to make tonight at my monthly craft party :) You are SO cute, creative and crafty

    Santa Clarita, CA


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