Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mellow Yellow Dress

This dress happened totally by accident. Or by me making a mistake I should say. I had envisioned making a version of the dress I made last week but with light and breezy seer sucker fabric that would be nice and summery. So I got all my stuff to make it... $9 shirt from target, $3 yard of fabric (after the 50% off coupon) from Joann's, leftover dyed yellow elastic from last weeks dress and set out to make a pattern to cut out the skirt.

 It was late when I started this project, (10:30pm- which is usually when I start crafting each night)  so I was a little tired. I figured out that I wanted the skirt to be a little fuller than my last dress... So I decided that I would make it 20 inches at the top and 25 inches at the bottom. A slight flair to begin with and then after sewing it to the elastic to make it gather it would be a nice and bouncy skirt I figured. So I folded my fabric in half and proceeded to cut my pattern (or a lack thereof... just a measurement and a straightedge to cut against) on the fold and opened it up to realized that I only had the back of my skirt cut out and in doing so I had cut right in the middle of the fabric and there wasn't going to be anyway that I could fit and cut the front of the skirt on the fabric in one piece. So I had a dilemma on my hands! So I got looking and I realized that my fabric had this fabulous yellow finished edge on it  and if I used the scraps from cutting the back I could maneuver them to make a front somehow and have a cute decorative finished edge that looked cool and was super easy since it was already finished for me. So I lined up the leftovers and sewed them to the back side of the skirt but I was still short about 3 inches of fabric in the very middle of my skirt in the front. That is kinda an important part! ha ha So I only had about 5 inches of the entire width of the very bottom of the fabric left but the stripes were going in the opposite direction of the rest of my skirt. Another Dilemma! So I decided that I would just make it work and have the stripes go the opposite direction as the rest of the skirt...

So the front of the skirt ended up having a little more of a design than I had planned- but overall it turned out really cute! :) It was a mistake turned out for the better.... So all in all this dress cost less than 15 dollars to make... I got the necklace on clearance at Old Navy for less than $4 and the cute little sweater at Target to finish off my look for $17 (more than my whole dress cost, but I totally justified it since I know I can work it into lots of other outfits too) So there you have it... A dress of my own design. I think I will call it my Mellow Yellow Dress


  1. This is awesome! You made it wor.

  2. Ash, I love it. Maybe you shouldn't tell everyone it was a mistake... they would never know! Just own it. It turned out darling!

  3. i love it! especially the yellow stripes in the front. I am your newest follower

  4. That is how designers work! learning from a mistake makes for more interesting things! Good job!!!!


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