Friday, June 17, 2011

I am jumping on the embroidery hoop bandwagon!

Has anyone noticed that embroidery hoops are becoming a popular item for decorating lately? It seems like every blog I look at is doing this... I love it! I got some hoops at Hobby Lobby and spent $9 on all of them together and used some fabric I had at home (including one of my shirts I stained dying fabric, an old baby blanket, and two old onsies that my girls had grown out of)... As I browse through fabric at the stores I may change out some of these fabrics for ones I love better, but for now this will do... Gotta love using things you have laying around the house and putting them to better use!

Anyone else want to jump onto the embroidery hoop bandwagon?? :)

P.S. This picture frame has a picture of my girls in it that I blacked out... Since my craft blog is public I don't want just anyone looking them- never can be too careful these days- Hope you understand!


  1. Hi Ash!! It's Joy, Jill's sis. Just started reading your blog and I love it!! Way to go... Can't wait for all your cute ideas to come. Will you let me know what color spray paint and brand you used on the cute blue walmart frame??

  2. so adorable! I keep collecting hoops and still haven't gotten it done!

    You have a lot of great ideas!



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