Thursday, January 19, 2012

{So You Think You Can Sew} Week 3: Results

Thanks so much to everyone that voted during this round of the competition!!! 1,287 votes! Wow! That is so awesome!!! One vote separated 3rd and 4th place! It was that close!! CRAZY!

I decided to not make the contestants wait 2 hours before I posted the results because I know that it is so hard waiting and wondering.... So this week, the results are up early! 

Here are the 3 ladies that you chose to be your top 3 in So You Think You Can Sew!!!

Since there was a tie last week, we have to say goodbye to 4 talented ladies- Mallory from Splitends and New Beginngings, Jenny from Jengerbread Creations, Briana from Babbling & More, and Amanda from Tenderfeet Stitches! So sad! Each of you ladies should feel so proud of yourselves for making it to the top 7! 
This week was so hard because every project/ talented lady deserved to move on to the next round! For real! I loved every single project and loved how different each one was! Thank you to each of you ladies for sharing your talent, ideas, and knowledge of sewing with us all!!! You guys rock!

Now for the next challenge: Contestant Choice.
Which means anything goes! I can not wait to see what these 3 girls come up with this week.

So ladies- Ready, Set, Sew!!!

Hope to see everyone back here next Wednesday at 8am est to start voting to determine who wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!!! It's anyones game at this point!!

Last but not least, I want to thank all of our AWESOME sponsors!! Make sure you check all of them out and show them some love!!


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  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Thanks for putting it up early!!!! I literally just got up and ran around the room. So excited for the next round :)

    Lazy Saturdays


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