Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{So You Think You Can Sew} Week 2: Project Reveal

Welcome to week two of So You Think You Can Sew!
This week's theme was Repurposed Items. Each contestant was required to turn something existing into something entirely new and I am blown away by what they came up with!

Check these ladies out!

(Click on the pictures to learn more about how each of them created their projects)

Potato Sacks into Purse

Placemat and Table Runner into Clutch

Painting Drop Cloth into Slipcover

Flat Sheet into Ruffle Dress

Frumpy to Fabulous Outfit

Sheets to Anthro Knock Off Curtains

Oversized Sweater to Mini Hat and Sweater Dress

Bed Skirt into Anthro Knock Off Lamp Shade

Womens Camisole into Girls Petal Shirt

This competition just keeps getting better and better with what these talented ladies are creating!!Are you ready to vote????Hang on a sec....Last but not least, I want to thank all of our AWESOME sponsors!! Make sure you check all of them out and show them some love!!


Ok... Now you can vote! *** This week the results will not be visible after you place your vote... You will just have to wait in suspense until tomorrow night for the results!!***


  1. Um, is there an option for more then one? This is ridiculously good! They rocked this challenge!

  2. That was a tough one. Beautiful!

  3. I voted again! These projects are AMAZING! These gals have some major skills!

  4. I wish the crafters would have been required to do a quick tutorial for these projects, or at least show them making them.

  5. A Tutorial would have been nice on a lot of these. Only 2 of the entries have a tutorial and that is Frumpy to Fabulous and Women's Cami into Girl's Petal Shirt. They both did a fabulous tutorial! Thank you!

  6. Oh, these are all so amazing!!! So much inspirations here!!!

  7. Frumpy to Fabulous is SO adorable!! Love it! Great Job Ashley!

  8. I forgot to mention on my post (the lamp shade) that I will be adding a tutorial later. I took pictures along the way but didn't have time to write up the tutorial with my entry. I think some of the other girls are doing the same thing so check back in with your favorite projects!

  9. Fabulous ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. how do you vote??

  11. I concur. How do you vote for those amazing Curtains?


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