Monday, October 3, 2011

The Skirt of Armor

Last week as I was browsing the isles of Joann's I came upon a fabric that was so different and so cool. The first thing I thought when I saw it was- Armor. I instantly knew that I wanted to make a skirt with it. So here is what I came up with. (If you read or look at my blog you will find that I come up with random names to call my project and tutorials... I know it's cheesy, but I just can't help myself. So I named this skirt my Skirt of Armor. )

There are so many fun fabrics these days at the stores that are pre-ruffled, or just funky like this one that normally freak me out or seem too hard to work with and I finally just decided to go for it and went out on a limb and got this fabric on a good sale. 

This skirt would work with any fabric you wanted. Ruffled, bedazzled, or just plain cotton. It is the easiest skirt I have ever made. If you are an experience seamstress, you will be able to whip this out in less than an hour, and if you have never sewn anything in your life- this is the perfect first project!! Anyone can make this! :)

To start, take your measurements and figure out exactly how much fabric and elastic you will need.
(the fabric needs to be wide enough to go around the biggest part of your hips plus a few inches for wiggle room.)
For my skirt, since my fabric was so wide, I only needed a yard and I was able to cut in half width wise and use the halves for front and back. The elastic I used was black knit elastic that was 2 inches wide that I bought by the yard at Joann's.

Step 1: Measure around the biggest part of your hips and add 3-6 inches depending on how roomy you want your skirt. (you could add even more if you want it really full) and then measure where you want the hem to fall on your leg. With my fabric I didn't need to hem the bottom so I didn't have to figure in seam allowances, but if you are going to have to hem your fabric, calculate that into your length.
Since I used 2 pieces of fabric (one piece for the front and one piece for the back) I had to divide the total width measurement in half and cut a front and back. If you have enough fabric that you can just cut one big piece, that is one less seam you will have to sew.

Step 2: Put your fabric right sides together and sew each side.
 Step 3: Zig zag, serge, or clean finish the edges to prevent fraying.
 Step 4: Measure and cut your elastic for your waistband. Put the elastic right sides together and sew. Open and press the seam, and sew each edge down flat.
 Step 5: Once your elastic waistband is sewn- measure and pin it evenly around the top of the skirt. (I always start by finding the very center of the back of the skirt and lining it up and pinning with the seam of the sewn elastic band and then doing the same for the front middle and sides of the skirt. So it is pinned in 4 places. Then I find the centers between each pin and the fabric in between and pinning it as well. So all in all I have the fabric pinned 8 times equal distances apart around the elastic and skirt. This helps so that you get your gathers sewn evenly.) To sew you put the presser foot down on one pin and then hold onto the next pin and stretch as you sew and just go from one pin to the next pin until you have sewn all the way around. (This picture is what it looks like when the elastic is being stretched. Zig zagged around the top of the skirt as well before sewing it to the waist band)
 Step 8: Hem your skirt. In my case since I wanted to have the shape of the fabric be the bottom of my skirt, I just pulled up the layers of the "armor" so that only the bottom layer was exposed and zig zagged all the way around the very bottom layer to ensure that my skirt didn't fray on the bottom or start falling apart while I was wearing it!  

And that's it! Super easy!!! 

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  1. Such beautiful fabric. Now you've inspired me to run out to JoAnn's & see what I can find! Thanks for the tutorial, I really must try this!

  2. It's darling and I love that picture of you Ash. and the setting. It looks like a beautiful fall day.

  3. I love this. I know you make lots of these skirts. I seriously need o try on out. Done it for my little girl, but not me and you always look so cute in them. That's it I will have to try it out this week.

    Oh and love the fabric. so fun!

  4. Awesome skirt! I LOVE the "armor" cool, especially with the yellow top!

    North Meets South

  5. Came over from SissyPrint. Love your apple dress! All of your designs are beautiful!

  6. So cute!! I love that you made it a little longer, it looks so classy!

  7. omg love it! found you via craftomaniac. so unique!

    hope you'll enter my giveaway:


  8. How interesting. I love the way you make up names for your skirts. It is so much fun.
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. LOVE it!


  10. I thought the SAME thing when I saw that fabric the other day. Your skirt is fantastic!!

  11. I used this fabric to make my flower girl's dress in my wedding!! It was a hit. The fabric was a little tedious to line... I love what you did with it here!


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