Saturday, October 29, 2011

My #1 Fan

I am HOME! :) 

I had a great time visiting my family in Utah! 

While I was gone, my blog hit some awesome milestones! 
Before I tell you what they are, let me start with a back story. 

Since DAY ONE my husband has been my #1 fan. He was the one to encourage me to make my blog and he has been SO supportive to me throughout this whole blogging journey. During the summer when I started out, he took both girls on countless daddy daughter dates so that I could get sewing and posting about it. And was always willing to have little "helpers" color homework so that I could work on a project. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am one lucky girl to have a hubby that is so supportive of me and encourages me to have time for myself and to live my dreams with this blog. 

Back in July (only one month after starting my blog) my husband made a prediction that I would hit 100,000 views by Halloween. I had a good laugh with that one- but he was dead serious. I can remember him telling me "Mark my words... it's gonna happen." 

As time went by, I still thought it was a shot in the dark that I was going to be anywhere even close to that, but last Wednesday while I was home visiting my family, I got a text from my husband telling me that I was 1,000 views away from hitting that goal and that he was going to be my 100,000th view. How sweet is that? A few hours later I got another text saying that he had been so busy studying that he had missed being my 100,000th view by a couple hundred views and that he was so sorry that he had missed it but that he was so proud of me. Ummm.... Can you say "HE MELTS MY HEART??!?!?!?" I know that I am pretty biased, but I think he is the best husband in the world. (and not just cause he looks at my craft blog and cares about it) 

Also while I was away, Mommy by day... Crafter by night hit 500 followers. You guys are the best!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate every comment, every follower, and every person that has helped inspire me to create things and blog about it. The list is endless, so I won't even try to name you all, but I hope you know how grateful I am for you all!

While I was away, I had 14 very talented ladies guest post for me! Did you happen to see all the posts? If not, here is a recap:

Toddler Quilt by Patty Trends
ABC Love Book by Love Notes By Lauryn
Tube Top to Skirt Refashion by North Meets South
Tissue Pouch by Hand Me Down Designs
DIY Wedding Gift Idea by My Handcrafted Home
Quick Kool Aid Frosting by Bear Rabbit Bear
Intro to Family Ever After
Photo 101 by Kristen Duke Photography
Felt Flower Pillow Tutorial by Southern Lovely
Pumpkin Trio Set by Lolly Jane
Halloween Jar Labels by Lil Luna
Hair Tutorial by Split Ends and New Beginnings
Fold Top Snack Bags by My Very Educated Mother
Festive Banner Tutorial by Seven Pretty

Thank you so much ladies! You are amazing!
(If you didn't get a chance to guest post for me and you have an awesome tutorial to share, email me because I am looking for some guest posters in December)

So, to celebrate my milestones I have a big surprise for you all! 
Wondering what the surprise is???

Well you are going to have to wait a little longer to find out!

Don't you just hate when people do that-
leave ya wondering what in the heck they are going to say.
Me too.

Guess you are just going to have to come back next week to find out! :)



  1. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment! I love your blog and all your fabulous ideas!

  2. Great milestones! Welcome home; glad to hear your trip was wonderful! :)

  3. congrats on the views! and that's SO cute about your hubby :)

  4. How cute of your hubby to try to make that important post number. Sorry he missed making it but, wow, congratulations to you. How exciting to reach that number so quickly.

  5. Congrats! That is so exciting! I was very happy to be here helping out! Thanks for having me!

  6. Congrats! That is very exciting! I just love your blog. You are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet you in person! {hugs}

  7. I am so excited and proud of you Ashley. You are too sweet and so is your blog. Can't wait to see what the surprise is;(


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