Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dora the Explorer Skirt

 Ok... Ok... Before you decided I have lost my marbles when it comes to fabric choices- Let me tell you why I made a skirt out of Dora the Explorer corduroy! 

I have been making my oldest daughter skirts for fall... So far I have made the Pom-Pom Skirt and the Rick Rack Ruffle Skirt. So I thought it would be fun to let my daughter pick the fabric for the next skirt I had planned on making her. So we set out in search of the perfect fabric. We roamed the isles of Joann... Everything I pointed out was a definite "Nope" until we went down the last isle. I had almost thrown in the towel and was ready to head home without any fabric, but her eyes spotted something... Dora the Explorer. My worst nightmare! ha ha I am definitely not a huge fan of the show just because I don't really like listening to it while my kids watch it (nothing against Dora- just my personal preference). But even though it is a show that is few and far between found on our t.v.- she LOVES Dora. 

I had promised her she could choose ANY fabric. How could I back down. I tried getting her to pick anything else, but her mind was made up. 

So I caved. 

I am so glad I did. I don't ever want to be that mom that is too cool to let her kids wear something that isn't the cutest or the most stylish thing in the book when they think that it totally IS. I want my kids to feel like they have a voice and that they are important. Does this mean that I am ALWAYS going to let her get anything or everything she wants- heck no! But every once in a while, it is important to me to do little things like this, that down the road will be fun memories for me and my little gal.

Of course we had to make a skirt for her baby with the leftover scraps. (I don't have issues with proportions... I made this for a bigger baby, but she insisted that this baby needed to wear it. So it is a little large on her. ha ha)

I did 2 rows of pin tucks around the bottom of the skirt. (This would definitely be a lot cuter on a fabric that was more plain, but I just rolled with it) And then I finished the bottom edge of the skirt with leftover rick rack from the Rick Rack Ruffle Skirt and bias tape.

So here is how I did it....

I used the extra wide double fold biased tape and the medium sized rick rack.
I sewed the bias tape to the back side of the skirt. If you have never sewn on bias tape before, here is a great tutorial.
After sewing the bias tape to the back of the skirt, I put rick rack along the bottom of the skirt and then folded the bias tape up and over the rick rack and pinned in place so I could sew it.
 Then it was time for the pin tucks. Pin tucks are a super easy and fun way to add detail to your projects. Here is the way I made my pin tucks. Once your skirt is all finished, turn it right side out. (you will need your iron and ironing board for this part) Put your skirt on your ironing board and fold the bottom of your skirt up into the inside of the skirt. I measured and folded it up 3 inches and pressed all the way around. Then I sewed one inch from the bottom all the way around the newly pressed bottom of the skirt. After I was done, I opened it back up and pressed that "flap" down. That created the first pin tuck. Then I did the exact same thing a second time, except this time measuring from the first pin tuck instead of the very bottom of the skirt. 
 That's it!

Have any of you ever had any "Dora the Explorer fabric" moments with your kids? Do tell:)

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  1. This is SO sweet! What an adorable little skirt. I love the MADE tutorial. That is where I found my skirt tutorial as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! My daughter would love this fabric. How fun for you to let your little miss pick out the fabric:>

  3. LOVE the rick rack and bias tape idea! So cute.

  4. I love the way you've finished the bottom of the skirt, with the pintucks, bias and ric rac. I'm not a big fan of Dora, either, but I think it's important to let the kids have choices. She loves it = she'll wear it often and it is a cute little skirt.

  5. such a cute blog! i love all of your tutorial posts:) am a new follower from Sweet Verbena!


  6. Ash, I love it!!! I know your little sweetheart did too. Your blog is looking amazing.

  7. that is adorable. i love the bias tape and rick rack together. you're a cute mommy :)

  8. Just curious... why don't you like Dora? Cute skirt! Can't wait to make one. If only I had a little girl... instead of a boy! :-)

  9. SO pretty!! Would love it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!


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