Friday, July 8, 2011

Patio Make Over

About a month ago while I was at World Market and I was admiring their adirondack furniture and thought how fun it would be to have some on my patio to relax and read a book in. I looked at the price tag and instantly made a bee-line for the door. WAY out of our price range. 

Then a couple weeks later I got an email from World Market saying that their outdoor furniture was 75% off! I jumped on their website and found the pieces I wanted and frantically called the World Markets around my area to locate them. 

My loving husband drove with me to muscle the big boxes into our car and then we were home to start building! They came unassembled in boxes. It was quite the ride home in our little 2 door civic!
If you know me- you know that this is one of the things that I love about buying cheap furniture- You have to put it together. I LOVE IT! Make me feel as if in some way I had a part in creating it- even though I maybe only put a few screws in it to hold it together! But if you are like my friend Tiffanie- this is one of her worst nightmares! ha ha So I guess putting together furniture is not for everyone- but I think it is worth the money I save in buying it unassembled- plus I like a challenge. 

So we got it all together and arranged it on my patio. LOVE IT! 

I love all the bright bold colors. I love that the lanterns are battery powered and have no hanging cords. I love that they were less than 12 dollars for all 4. I love that my little picky eater eats everything off her plate when I let her eat at "her" picnic table. I love that I have a place to sit while she eats. I love that I can sit next to my hubby on the same chair and snuggle. I love everything about it! :) 

So here are my 3 tips for buying Outdoor Furniture...

1. Go with bright colors. Outdoors is one place you can get away with any color, any look. Even if colorful isn't necessarily your style- step outside your comfort zone and go for it! :) When my sister came into town and saw my balcony she said it looked like I was having a birthday party up there since it was so festive! ha ha I love looking out and seeing the lanterns. Totally not something I would put inside my house, but my patio is the perfect place! So step outside your comfort zone... you will be glad you did- or at least I am!

2. Don't buy it the first time you see it. Wait till it goes on sale, or even buy it at the end of a season when it goes on clearance and use it next year. I saved 75% because I was willing to wait a month and a half for it. 

3. This is just an opinion, but don't put too much money into it. It is going to be outside and could possibly get rained on, fade in the sun, your dog could chew on it, a bird could poop on it, etc. If your furniture costs an arm and a leg, then you will be too scared to let your kids eat a popsicle on it, or cringe every time your neighbor plops down too hard on it--- you get my drift.  So make it something that if needs be can be replaced in a year or two and you won't have a heart attack over it. 

So there you have it. Happy Summer!


  1. i'm the same way with putting furniture together, hence why i love love love ikea :) i like your furniture though! so cute! and getting it on sale is even better :)

  2. I love World Market!
    Patio looks darling!

  3. Holy Moly--- LOVE IT! So super cute-- you have the best taste--- love your blog!

  4. Ash, I LOVE your balcony!! It is so bright and so fun! The lanterns are super fun. I'm sure the girls love being able to go out there. I love your rug too.


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