Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anthropology Inspired Ruffle Shirt

I came across a tutorial on the Busily Spinning Momma blog and I had it on my Pintrest in about 2 seconds. I loved it and the tutorial is so easy to follow! 

This shirt started out as a long sleeved t-shirt. I found one on the Old Navy clearance for $3.49. With the buttons it cost about $5. Way better than the inspiration that costs $148, huh??

I have seen so many things while window shopping or surfing the web that I would have loved to be able to buy that I haven't due to lack of fundage, but after seeing this tutorial, I am gonna have to try making my own versions of things!!! Stay tuned! :)


  1. For the shirt. I am just going to pay you to make me one :)

  2. What? You made that? It is so awesome! You are becoming so talented. You might need to open your own boutique or something :)

  3. SO cute. I absolutely love ruffles! I made myself a ruffle shirt a few months ago too! I love how this one has the strip with buttons on the side-mixes it up. You really do amazing stuff, fun to see it all :)

  4. I love it!! I want to make one now too!

  5. Wow, Ashley. You are just as wonderful and beautiful as ever! I have been wanting to look at this blog for a while, but for some reason never did? But, I am so glad I did and now it is on my list to check every time you update.

  6. thank you for coming over to my little place. i am working on getting in started. i gotta get tips from you. CHECK YOU OUT!
    i stalk your blog so much i dreamt about it the other day.

    i love this shirt. i'm pinning yours :)
    i hope your sister is doing good. i need to write her a letter.

  7. much would you charge to make me one of those. :) I'm serious. I love it. I love that it's royal blue- your favorite color. You're so cute Ash and so talented. I just need one in pink now and we will be so cool and matchy. :)

  8. I LOVE the shirt! Geez...I wish I could be that crafty.I have a 4 month old baby girl and would love to learn how to sew cute little things for her! Following you now!


  9. Thank you for linking back to me! You are so sweet to do so and OMG, your shirt is to die for! You're just the cutest thing :) Awesome job and thanks again :)
    (I SOOOOO would have commented earlier but ugh, my comments weren't working! I've been having issues with blogger, I still can't see the follower or follow new blogs! boo!)
    Have a good one!

  10. you are just adorable! what a cute ruffly tshirt! Thanks for linking up your fab ideas :)

  11. Woah! That is an expensive looking and very detailed shirt! I love what you did. I am a new follower and hope you'll come by and follow me too?

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this on my blog today:

    Very very well done!!


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