Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrift Store Shirt Transformation

When I was pregnant with my first little girl, I was in the D. I. (a thrift store in Utah) and I found this little shirt.

 I thought it was darling, plus it still had the original tags on from the baby gap so it had never been worn... Since it was only $3,  I decided that I needed to have it! ;) So I took it home, washed it, and hung it in the closet among all the other precious outfits I had collected over the past 9 months. Once my little gal was here I realized that this shirt was never going to work for her. It was super short and really wide. It was 3-6 months size, but with my tiny gal it just never fit right- even when she was older. By the time the width would have worked- it was a belly shirt and the sleeves were an awkward length. Bummer! 

When I had my next little gal I thought maybe it might work for her, but since she is even tinier than my first- it definitely didn't work. 

One of my favorite ways to sew a dress is just to use an already existing shirt and just add a skirt to it to make a dress like I did with my polka dot dress and my mellow yellow dress . So I used the same idea to turn this into a dress too.... I cut the sleeves off and added elastic to make little puff sleeves. Some elastic around the waist to bring in the width a little, and added a fun bouncy skirt... I liked the look of the frayed finished edge of the skirt so I didn't hem it- I just left it unfinished. 

So now at 11 months- this little shirt finally works for my daughter. I am so excited to have her wear it to church this sunday!

Now I just need to make some matching bloomers to go underneath!

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  1. You are to talented! I love the dress!!!

  2. What a cute dress and a great idea, love it!
    Mamma with Heart (UK)

  3. Love it!! Be sure to link this up to my Linky Party at Lil' Luna next Wednesday. Love your style, girl! XO

  4. Awww, this is just adorable! I too have bought some thrift store finds only to realize later that the fit was just plain funny, this was a great thrift store rescue! I'd love for you to come visit my blog sometime,

  5. You've seen the big stores - Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers...and then there are the charity shops run by churches and non-profits.
    thrift store


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