Thursday, October 11, 2018

Carnaby Street Messenger Bag

Pattern: Messenger Bag from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

I've literally had this post sitting in my "draft" folder for ages. I made this bag for my niece over 4 years ago and she still uses it to this day. She's now a senior in high school, and it makes me smile when I see her carrying it around. I'm not sure why I have never hit the publish button on this post- probably just that I have made over 9 of these bags now and figure "enough is enough" (haha), but it's a cute bag, so I figured it was worth sharing. 
I can't say enough, how much I love this pattern. It's very well written and after several years of putting the bag to use I can say that it holds up great and is very versatile. 

TIP: I follow the suggestion in the pattern and used a layer of duck cloth between the interior and exterior fabric since I was using quilting cotton and it worked great. Iv'e done this for each of the bags I've made and the only one that had issues was the bag that I put through the washing machine. The duck cloth shrank considerably more than the quilting cotton and resulted in the exterior of the bag looking loose/baggy. SO... if you are going to wash your bag in a machine instead of just spot cleaning it, I would recommend pre-washing your duck cloth and probably your quilting cotton too. 

I've been doing quite a bit of hand sewing lately. I've been working on my Kingfisher Stitch Along Quilt. I have close to 20 hexie flowers made so far, so I'm almost halfway. For my Grandmother's Flower garden quilt I used 1.5" hexies, so these 1" hexies seem to stitch up quick! I'm really excited to get them all finished and start arranging them on the background fabrics and piece the quilt together. This free pattern by Tales of Cloth and Stitched in Color is a great mix of EPP and machine piecing so if you are wanting a project with a bit of both, it's a good one!

What projects are y'all sewing??

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