Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Work in Progress} Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

 Since fall of 2012, I have been working on hand piecing a hexagon quilt. I am using 1 1/2 inch hexagon templates from and I'm aiming to make it a full, possibly queen, sized quilt. 
(it's a huge undertaking to say the least)

I was introduced to hexies by way of two of my favorite blogs... nanaCompany and Lovely Little Handmades
I am always so inspired by the fabrics, the design, and the projects that I find on these beautiful blogs... So when I kept seeing these darling little hexies that Amy and Kerry were making and using in projects, I knew I had to join in! I started basting my fabric to my paper pieces not really knowing exactly what I was going to make with them. 
 Then I came across this quilt on Pinterest and fell in love with the "grandmother's flower garden" style. Instantly I knew I wanted to use my hexies in a floral design and make a quilt.  
I really had no idea the amount of time and effort it was going to be to make a large hexie quilt. Like I said, I have been working on it for a year and a half now and am maybe halfway done with piecing the quilt top. {Yikes}

But the thing is... I have loved every single second that I have spent making this quilt. {and by seconds- I mean hundreds of hours} Seriously! 
I have loved cutting my fabrics, basting my hexies, piecing my flowers, joining my flowers... I even love the pretty scraps of fabric that have come from making this quilt. I just can't get enough of it! ;)

If I had to say my very favorite thing about making this quilt, it would have to be the fact that I take it with me everywhere! Anytime I am going to be riding in the car for over an hour somewhere, countless road trips back and forth across the United States, and to the Caribbean... 
{I got some seriously weird looks while "hexie-ing" on the deck of our cruise ship over spring break... I guess it's not everyday you see a twenty-something gal spending her time on a cruise sewing! but man- was I having the time of my life listening to the waves of the ocean, wind in my hair, playing with gorgeous fabric- that is my kind of vacation!}

I work on it this project any time I get a chance- whether it is while I am traveling, watching t.v., chatting with a friend, helping my kiddos with art projects, etc. 
I love that I can be working on something that I love, but it doesn't take me away from being with the ones I love... It's the perfect kind of sewing for me!

Stay tuned for the next however long it takes until this beauty is finished! I am always sharing my progress, along with other fun behind the scenes stuff on Instagram. And if you are interested in my "process" for making hexies- check out this post.

Happy Hexie-ing!!!
xoxo, Ashley


  1. your quilt is beautiful,,, i love the colors! i started a grandmother's flower garden quilt a while back and have 6 completed flowers so far... and a whole bunch of hexies in the works... so many tiny stitches... what a keepsake it will be for your family : )

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and will be worth every second!!

  3. It is looking so beautiful! I also love the pictures of you working on it :) And just swap out a box full a beads and I would love to be crafting on a cruise ship too!!!

  4. This looks beautiful! My sister's roommate has a bunch of quilts at their apartment and she was showing me how complex they can get! Yours is even better than those! And it will be something you will cherish forever! I have been trying to decide what kind of quilt to make my baby girl, and definitely will be going with a more simple one. You have skills!

  5. I love this! You are such an inspiration. I love seeing what you create!

  6. Fantasticka práca, bude to skvost. veľmi krásne zladene farby. ja som na podobnej robila skoro rok. Pozdravujem. Mery

  7. Beautiful, you have inspired me to start my own after much procrastination! What pattern are you using for size?

  8. You are the best! This is already so beautiful. So much talent, my friend!!!

  9. Hi Ashley. I just was doing a web search on shabby chic fabric, and your blog came up in my search engine. I have somehow never found it before! But we are kindred spirits.... My blog is Late Night Quilter.... For all the same reasons yours is Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night. I seriously love your hexies. I might have to follow your lead. But maybe I'll start smaller....;) perhaps a pillow. If I do more my other WIPs will be mad at me!

  10. I just love your hexie quilt. You inspire me every time I visit your blog :)

  11. Found you from Flamingo toes---- so glad I did! Beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
    -Mrs Major Hoff (Sara)
    Major Hoff Takes A Wife

  12. WOW! your quilt is turning out beautiful! Those darn little hexi's are so fun and addicting to make. I made several a few years ago but never actually made anything out of them. I think you may have inspired me to pull them back out again.... and make even more!


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