Friday, March 7, 2014

Quilted Weekender Bag #5

I had the opportunity to do something that I have never done before over the last couple months. 

I taught my very first real life sewing class at a darling local shop in my town! 

It was such a great experience for me. I decided to teach a class on how I make my quilted weekender bag. It was a super intense project for my first time teaching, but all in all I think it went really well. I had 4 wonderful ladies as my students. We had so much fun together! 
My Leopard Print Weekender Bag was the class sample and it was so fun to walk into Sew to Speak and see MY bag in there on display for a few months! 

I love doing tutorials on my blog teaching how to make some of the things I make, so I knew I would enjoy teaching a sewing class in real life. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone though. I don't like having the spotlight on me and tend to be a little on the quiet side until you get to know me, but it was great for me to push myself a little bit and put myself out there.

I figured it would be beneficial to show my students step by step instructions- just like I do on my tutorials. So I decided to make a bag along side my students. Each night I came to class with what we would be doing already complete on my bag so they could see and visualize what their bags needed to look like. It was a good teaching tool for me- plus I had already planned to make a bag for my other little sis, so it gave me the motivation to complete it.  

Here are all of our finished bags together!

So here is how my weekender bag #5 turned out.
I used a kitchen utensil print that I found at Sew To Speak called Scandinavia Style (which I think is manufactured by Westex Fabric) for the Main panels but I have had a hard time finding somewhere that sells it online to link to- so if you are interested in this print, you could call into the shop and I am sure Anita would be happy to send some your way via mail if they still have some in stock. 
I loved all of the colors in the main print and just grabbed various coordinating fabrics from my stash for the patchwork portion of the bag.
It is definitely a loud and funky bag- but that's the fun of it in my eyes! I love putting together something that I know is one of a kind- unlike any bag out there... This one fits the bill! :)
If you are a regular reader of my blog, or follow me on instagram, you will know that I kinda have a mild obsession with this pattern- well maybe "mild" is too mild of a word... This is the 5th version I have made! BUT- making #5 and teaching this bag in a class has helped me kick my habit- at least for a little bit.
I don't wanna make this bag again for a very LONG time! 
Don't get me wrong... I love it with all of my heart... but 5 times making this puppy- plus teaching it has me worn out- mentally and physically! ha ha 
I used the Amy Butler Weekender Bag Pattern to make my bag, but followed a Quilt as You Go method inspired by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson
If you are interested in some of the other modifications that I make to my weekender bag, here are links to other posts that I talk more about that in:

Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley


  1. I have the pattern for the bag, but being a visual learner, I've been intimidated to make. Wish I could have attended your class. You've done a beautiful job!!

  2. That's so cool! That would be really fun and really scary, too! I'm glad you got to do it, though. And your bag turned out perfect as usual!

  3. I like the bag displayed above especially the print fabricated on it. These fantastic ladies colorful handbags have graced the catwalks once again and I have also seen several celebrities carrying such handbags. Few days back, I also purchased somewhat similar handbag, but it is in Orla Kiely brand. I got this bag from The website is having a wonderful collection of such cotton and leather handbags. I have got several complements on my bag till now.

  4. You were a great teacher! This was such a fun class, thanks again Ashley

  5. Wow, you have made 5 weekender bags? I am impressed. I love this bag, but have been afraid to try making it. I have made several other bags - maybe it's time to give this one a try.

  6. You are amazing with these bags!! I am making plans to attempt one soon. How much fabric did you use for the piping and handles?? It's hard to figure out all the measurements when all the fabrics are going to be different. Thanks for all the tips!!

  7. I have wanted to try this pattern for a long time, but everything I read says it's VERY labor intensive and not an easy pattern and you have made 5??????? Most people say they will never make another after the first one. After seeing yours, I may rethink buying the pattern and trying it myself. Yours are adorable.


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