Monday, March 31, 2014

Colored Pencil Roll Up Case

For the longest time I have wanted to make my kids a "Quiet Kit" to bring to church each Sunday- full of things to entertain them that are quiet
I have some really great ideas for things I would like to make to go into the bag, but somehow other projects always take precedence and the "quiet kit project" gets put on the back burner... 
 Last weekend, I decided that it was time to start making things little by little to go into the quiet kit. 
  So I made a colored pencil roll up case. It was just kinda one of those cut and sew as you go projects with not much of an overall plan. 
 I have seen lots of roll up cases for crayons, markers, and pencils over the years. The thing I notice with almost all of them is how BIG the pocket is for the pencil to slide into. I wanted to make mine a bit more snug so that once the pencils were in, they stayed put. But as I have learned a time or two while late night sewing- sometimes my brain is ready for bed before my eyes are, and calculations seem harder than usual.... thus when it was time to stitch my pockets, I realized that they were actually going to be too snug! ha ha (just my luck)
So I went with Plan B and made wider pockets for 2 pencils to fit into.  Problem solved!
I used a stack of lovely solids from the Hawthorne Hues collection by Hawthorne Threads for the background of the case (I had to use 4 other random solids from my stash to match the pencils in edition to almost every solid offered in the Hawthorne Hues collection). Then I used some fabric from my stash (Handle with Care collection by Suzy Ultman) for the main part of the case as well as the wrap around ties. 
In the end, even with the measurement mix up, the case turned out exactly how I wanted- FUNCTIONAL. 
It works great, my kids love it, and it is a good start to my "Quiet Kit".

Happy Sewing!
xoxo, Ashley


  1. Impressive, the way you matched the background to the pencil colors--such a great way to organize and encourage your children to organize!

  2. Very nice! I make them with crayons but never thought about pencils for my older GD's.


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