Friday, May 25, 2012

Zig Zag Quilt Along

I am so excited to announce this quilt along!! I am teaming up with one of my best friends in blog land {and in real life} Rach from Family Ever After!! I decided to do a zig zag quilt and she will be doing a ruffle quilt that is so much fun! I can't wait to make one myself!! So if zig zag's are not your thing and ruffles are- definitely head over to her blog today and get the supply list for the ruffle quilt!

As I am sure you all have noticed, quilting has become one of my new favorite things ever! For the last month or so, quilting has taken over the ole bloggety blog- It started with the baby quilt, then the Hello Luscious quilt, then the Salt Air quilt, the Strawberry Fields quilt and now this one...

I need to start with a disclaimer... I am far from an expert when it comes to quilting! The quilt that I made for this quilt along is my 5th quilt, but I am so excited to share with you all the things that I have learned so far! So if you decide to join in on this quilt along-  I need to let you know now that I {sometimes} break "the quilting rules", I don't know every quilter's term in the book, and I am still very much learning- so keep this in mind! If I teach you to do something a certain way and you were taught differently, definitely do it your way- like I said, I am still learning! 

Ok... with that said- here is the quilt we will be making!
(of course it was super windy the day I try to take a picture of the quilt- sorry it's not perfectly flat to see)

The quilt measures approx. 70 x 80 inches.

I plan to do a step by step directions of exactly how I made this zig zag quilt. This quilt along is definitely for everyone- those that have never made a quilt before, those that have made one or two, and those that have made hundreds of quilts. It is a super fun and easy quilt to make- but if you are nervous to start with a big project like this, you may want to get a "feel" for quilting by starting with something small- like making a baby quilt... I used this awesome tutorial to make my first quilt. I found it on one of my favorite blogs- Diary of a Quilter {Amy is pretty much the "quilting expert" in my book}... She also has an intro to quilting series on her blog and I have learned so much from it... So if you are feeling a little nervous or want to brush up on your quilting skills- definitely check it out!!

I haven't quite finished the stitching on the outside sashing (border)... I plan to ad some hand stitched design to it so stay tuned for that in the last post of the quilt along.

Before I announce the supplies, I wanted to let you all know that the Ribbon Retreat is sponsoring our quilt along. I love the Ribbon Retreat! I buy so much of my fabric from them. They ship their fabric so quickly! (I usually have it within 2 days- which works great for me- especially if I am in a bind and need my fabric quickly!) Plus they are always having weekly {sometimes daily deals} called BIGbuys. If you sign up for their newsletter, they send the deals straight to your email so you don't miss out! Love it!
So that means- good news for us! They are offering all Mommy by day Crafter by night readers 10% off of your entire order. Just use the code Mommy10 at checkout.

****Here is the list of supplies- I tried to keep it as exact as possible to cut down on costs, but there is not much extra left over as scraps or backup in case of mistakes so if you want a little leeway calculate that into your yardage.***

**** Addendum- I have added a little bit of yardage on a couple things because some were running into problems with the initial measurements.****
-1 layer cake or 42 10x10 inch squares
-1/2 to 3/4 yard for binding
-1/2 yard for small sashing (inner border)
-1 1/4 yard for large sashing (outer border)
-4 to 4 1/4 yards for quilt backing
-Quilt Batting (the quilt is approximately 70 x 80 inches so you will need enough batting to accommodate this size. If you need help picking quilt batting- here is a great post about about quilt batting from Diary of a Quilter... I had a pre-packaged twin size batting so I used that for my quilt and trimmed off the excess- but quilt batting is available by the yard so you could figure out how wide the batting is that you like and then calculate your yardage. You will want your batting to be around 2-3 inches longer that your quilt top on each side. My favorite quilt batting is Warm and Natural which is 100% cotton and but I also like the Polyfil 80/20 which is a blend of cotton and polyester- I used the Polyfil for this quilt.)

I got all of my fabric from the Ribbon Retreat. I used the Moda Oops a Daisy line for my quilt. Oops a Daisy Layer cake,  Red Lazy Daisy for backing and large sashing, Cream Ladybug for small sashing, and Orange Gingham for quilt binging.

So are any of you wondering "what in the heck is a layer cake??"
Well... Let me tell ya- but be warned- they are my new obsession when it comes to Moda's Bake Shop.
A layer cake is 42 pieces of fabric that are 10x10 inches big. They are so fabulous because they come precut and usually contain 42 different fabrics in the stack (a whole fabric collection worth- and if there aren't 42 different fabrics in a collection, the layer cake will have some repeats of fabrics- mine did.) The Ribbon Retreat has lots to choose from... They carry layer cakes by Moda, and Riley Blake. (Just keep in mind that our quilt calls for 42 squares so if you buy a layer cake that is by Riley Blake- theirs have 21 pieces per cake so you would need to buy two)

So what if you don't want to use a layer cake?? 
-You totally don't have to! You could choose 6 fabrics and cut out 7 10x10 inch squares of each fabric or choose 2 fabrics and do every other row with each fabric- for instance- if you wanted to do a black and white zig zag quilt- get your fabrics and you could do a white row, black row, white row, black row, etc. The options are endless! I just love layer cakes because you get a bunch of different fabrics without having to buy yardage of each and it saves on cutting time!

-Sewing machine
-Cutting Mat
-Rotary Cutter 
-Seam Ripper
-Iron and Ironing Board
(if you have any question about what any of these are- here is an awesome post from Diary of a Quilter on tools used in quilting)

Depending on how you choose to quilt your quilt at the end, you may want to consider some of these extra tools... I will go into more detail about each of them in the post about quilting our quilts.
(for my quilt, I machine quilted part and hand quilted part as well)

-Walking Foot (for quilting in straight lines)
-Free Motion Foot (for quilting designs such as stippling)
-Embroidery hoop or quilting stand for hand quilting or tying your quilt
-Machiner's Gloves- I feel like these are a must! I can't quilt without them. They are inexpensive and make life so much easier because they help grip the quilt while you are quilting. I haven't ever been able to find them in a store where I live so I ordered mine online at Joann's.
-Hera Marker (this is a nifty tool that you can use to make lines on your quilt to follow while sewing. It will iron or wash away.
-If you are going to be hand quilting you will want quilting hoop of some sort, quilting betweens (needles for hand quilting or embroidery), and pearl cotton thread.

Ok... Do you guys have the quilting bug yet?? Get to shopping and we will meet back here with supplies in hand on Wednesday June 6th bright and early to get to cutting our fabric!!

Feel free to place a button for the quilt along anywhere on your blog to spread the word about the fun we will be having!!

P.S. Feel free to follow my blog via RSS or sign up for my emails so that you keep on track with all of the quilt along updates and posts!!


  1. I am definitely going to have to join in. Can't wait! It wiill be my first quilt along. Your example is gorgeous, along with the hand quilting! Excited!

  2. I'm going to join in, think I might go with 2 colour

  3. Hi Ashley - I love your quilt! And I love the fabrics you chose. I was just wondering if you could tell us about how much it cost for all the fabric if we choose to do the same choices you made?

  4. Thanks for the invite! I'm excited to participate. I shared your invitation on my blog too.

  5. I'm in too! I've been needing a nudge to begin new quilts for my girls. Fun idea and thanks for inviting us along:)

  6. So excited! Just ordered my fabric!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  7. Do you know when the discount code will be made active? I can't seem to get it to work and I'm very excited for this quilt (possibly too excited). If I can't order my fabric today, then it'll probably have to wait until Tuesday. Will the discount code last until then?

    1. Sorry! I had the wrong promo code up. It is supposed to be Mommy10 instead of Crafter10. Try that instead!!

  8. Ashley, I am totally going to do this! But I am looking for some more boyish themes. Any suggestions in layer cakes? The Ribbon Retreat is all floral and cutesy. Yet, I am so nervous about cutting exact squares out of yardage!

  9. Hi Ashley,
    I am so excited to join in on this quilt along! This will be my first attempt to quilt after learning to sew in January. Thanks for putting this together!!

  10. Yay!! I haven't made a quilt in years! I can't wait! Are you going to to a link up at the end so we an see everyone else's too?

  11. I am in the process of making my first quilt and it is a zig zag quilt. Just starting to piece it together but this one looks a little different than the one you are showing so I may have to try yours! Can't wait to follow along and make a second quilt with you! Such a cute website!

  12. I'm pretty new to quilting, and this will be my first Quilt Along! I am super excited!

  13. I just bought my fabric! Yay! Can't wait to get started!

  14. Hi there! I am so excited to join you! I cannot get the discount code to work, any advice?

    Thank you!

    1. Sorry! I had the wrong promo code up. It is actually Mommy10 instead of Crafter10. Try that instead!!

  15. Hi Ashley: I'm a new GFC friend. I would love if you stop by and be mine, too. I would love to put some of my crafts on your link party's, I only just found you. But just so I remember I will add your button to my link party page. I'll be back tomorrow!

  16. Hi Ashely,
    I'm so excited about this project! I can't wait to get started, but I'm having trouble with the coupon code for The Ribbon Retreat too.

    1. Sorry Jen.. I actually had the wrong promo code up... It is supposed to be Mommy10 instead of Crafter10. Try that instead and it should work!!

  17. Hey there! I'm really excited to be joining you for the quilt along. I just finished my first quilt today and I've definitely been bitten. I've made a short entry on my blog and also put up your Quilt Along button. Can't wait!!

  18. I have ordered the supplies and am anxiously awaiting them!! I will be quilting along with you! The quilt will be for my oldest (4 years old) daughter's bed. She picked out the fabric, and is anxiously awaiting it as well. She has asked about it at least 50 times already!! I can't wait!

  19. Just found your blog in time to join the quilt-along. I have a few spare layer cakes that need to be transformed into something cute! I'm hoping to be able to complete the entire project, but with three kids, working part time, and homeschooling I have lofty quilting goals that don't always get fulfilled :). I'm excited to give it a go though! Thanks for letting us all join you!

  20. This sounds like fun and just what I need! I'm in!

  21. I am so wanting to do this, unfortunately it will have to be put on hold as I have a broken wrist. On the plus side I will be able to raid my stash for all the fabric needed.

  22. I really love this quilt so I'm going to look around and see if I have enough fabric to join in since I can't buy much right now. If not, I'll stil be following along since I need all the help learning still that I can. Thank you for doing this.

  23. What kind of thread? All-purpose or a special kind?

  24. I keep trying to figure it out in my head but i just cant. If i wanted to make one using just 2 colors, how much of each fabric in yardage would i need to get (including the sash and the back).
    I have never made a quilt before and have wanted to try and my friend is having a baby in October and i'd love to make her a quilt.

    1. Hey Tamara... I have had a couple people ask me this same question. Since I did my quilt with the precut squares I don't know how much yardage you would need... I am sorry I am not more help with this. The quilt is pretty large though so I would think if you wanted to make it for a baby size, you may want to do the squares smaller- like 5 inch squares instead of 10 inch... Just an idea! Good luck!

  25. Cute quilt! I'm loving all the new blogs I'm finding on this link up!


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