Thursday, May 3, 2012

SNAP in a Nutshell

Back in September of last year, I found out that there was going to be a blog conference called SNAP at Thanksgiving Point in Utah and although my blog was on the smaller side, I decided that I would take a leap and sign up to go. I begged my friend Rach to come with me so I wasn't a total geek showing up to a blog conference all by myself. She agreed and we started planning and anticipating how much fun it was going to be to be able to meet all of our favorite bloggers in real life!

So... I am going to attempt to give you a recap on my favorite bloggers that I was able to meet at the conference!! (You will notice my bestie Rach in pretty much all of the pictures... we were together everywhere we went pretty much and I am going through withdrawls without her by my side now! Love ya Rach!!)

Let me start with my fabulous roommates!!
I was one lucky gal... I had the pleasure of bunking with Kristy (Diary of Dave's Wife), Rach (Family Ever After), and Kelli (Lolly Jane)... Can I just say that I had the best roommates at the conference! I loved each of them so much. They spoiled me rotten with pj's, a sleeping mask, earrings, rings... the whole nine yards. We stayed up talking till 4 am most nights and laughed out heads off none stop! They are so much fun!! 

 Kelli and Kristy made this darling sign to go on out hotel door to our room! How cute are they??

Probably the person I was most excited to meet was Kristyn (Lil Luna)... She has seriously been my blog mentor and has taken me under her wing and taught me the ropes of blogland! We had emailed, texted, skyped, etc so it was high time we met in real life and she did not disappoint! I just love her! She is seriously one of the funnest people I have ever met! She has the cutest personality and is so kind to everyone she meets! Love ya girl!!

I was so excited to meet Vanessa (See Vanesa Craft). I have participated in one competition (which I took dead last place in LOL!) and it was on Vanessa's blog (here is my entry). She is so sweet and so gorgeous!! I wish we could have hung out more at the conference!

I got to meet Steph (Crafting in the Rain) and it was so much fun! She even had her darling bag that she made from a tutorial on my blog to show me. How fun is that?

Tam(Sew Dang Cute) was just that... SEW DANG CUTE! I love her! She is so funny and we had fun one night hanging out with a bunch of bloggers telling stories laughing our heads off! Loved her!!

Oh my goodness... I was so excited to meet Kirsten (Kojo-Designs)... She was the 1st place winner of So You Think You Can Sew competition in January. She is absolutely darling, sweet, classy, hilarious, fabulous, and I could go on and on! She is such a talented lady on top of all of that! I just love her and had so much fun with her at the conference!

I also met Heidi (Sew. Craft. Create.) and Kate (See Kate Sew) and I am in love with both of these ladies... Let me start with Heidi. Ok... can I just describe her in one word?? H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!!!!!! Oh my heck... she made me laugh so hard the entire conference long! She is so sweet and darling. I just love her!! (She was the winner of that competition I took last place in by the way! ha ha She is super talented!)
And Kate... I was in awe at meeting her! She is such a sweetie! I have been blog stalking her for a while now and I was so excited to meet her! She is definitely one talented gal! And did I mention GORGEOUS and classy- love her style!

Ok... enter UBER talented photographer: Kristen Duke... Umm... words can not express how much I loved meeting this gal! She is so cute, funny, talented, sweet, and I could go on and on. She is so much fun to be around and I am in awe of her photography skills... I am going to be reviewing her book Say No to Auto soon so be watching for that!

Next up was the FABULOUS-ly gorgeous Letter 4 girls (two of the four- Janae and Jamie) they are so much fun. And I totally felt out of style every time I stood next to them! They are both so darling! 

I was so excited and searching for Kari (Ucreate) the entire blog conference and finally met her on the last day. She is the nicest ever! She gave me my first big break with my blog by letting me guest post for her. She had been so supportive of me and my blog and I can't thank her enough! She was so sweet in person and took the time to talk to Rach and I for a while even though she was headed to teach one of the classes! Love her!

Ok... These next ladies are definitely on my favorites list- Jennifer, Jamie, and Jodie (eighteen25). I was so in awe to meet these talented ladies because I love everything they create on their blog. Then I started hanging out with them and realized just how fun they are to hang out with! We made late night runs to JCW and laughed our heads off with all the bloggers and their hilarious stories! Loved these ladies!!

Ok... next up is two of my favorite people I met at the conference... Landee and her sis in law Shelly (Landee See Landee Do) OH MY HILARIOUS! Let's just say that these ladies made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time! Can you guys adopt me into your fun family?? ha ha Love you ladies!!

I was so excited to meet the fabulous Mique (30 handmade Days) She is another person that has helped my blog along and had given me pointers along the way in my blogging journey! I just love her! She is so talented and so sweet!!

One of the surprises of SNAP was meeting Nikki (Chef in Training)... I believe that at times in your life, certain people come into your life for a reason- I know that I was supposed to meet her. She helped me so much... The first night at SNAP, I was having a hard time (it's been rough since my brother passed away) and I was feeling guilty for leaving my family to do something frivolous like attending a blog conference and I met Nikki and talked her ear off like we were lifelong friends- telling her my troubles and worries... She sat there and listened and let me cry to her while everyone else was having fun (I still feel bad she missed out on all the fun that first night) She is seriously the sweetest person ever! I just love her! And her blog- have you seen it?? Holy Cow... she is amazing! Love you girl!

These 3 ladies are fabulous! Jamielyn (I Heart Naptime), Mallie (DecoArt), Linda (Craftaholics Anonymous). They are all so darling and talented!! I am a total blog-stalker of Jamielyn and Linda's blog so it was so much fun to meet them in real life!!

Meeting Cheri (I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar)was so much fun! She is so so talented and look how gorgeous she is! I didn't recognize her at first and then when I found out who she was I was speechless! I love her blog!!

This next lady needs no introduction in the craft blog world! Jen (Tatertots and Jello) is SO FABULOUS! I was so impressed with how sweet and kind she is in real life! I have emailed her (aka bugged her) a few times and no matter how busy she is she always takes the time to help me out! She is so genuine. I loved meeting her and watching her in action!

Amy (The Idea Room) also needs no introduction! She is so awesome!! I loved meeting her and had so much fun chatting with her. I am so impressed by her. You can just tell she is such a good mom and is so genuine! She is so so talented too! Love reading her blog!

As you can see... I had such a fabulous time at SNAP and it was just the thing I needed right now in my life! Everyone I met was so inspiring. One of the things I loved most is that all of these fabulous ladies/bloggers are just normal people like you and I. They are kind, they care about their readers, and they love what they do. Which is why we all love reading their blogs. 

Thanks to all these fabulous ladies for putting on a wonderful conference! 


  1. Thanks for sharing all those great photos! It sounds like you really made a lot of good connections with folks you had gotten to "know" via blogging. Hey, I have just a little ole' blog but I am going to Haven next month (first ever blog conference). I noticed those signs/cards on your door. Someone had said to have business/blog cards made with your picture on them to give out at conferences...were those yall's cards? Did most folks have blog biz cards there?

    1. Hey Miss Kitt, totally butting in here, but you FOR SURE need business cards before you go to Haven. It's the one thing I wouldn't leave home without. Even more important than cute shoes :)


  2. It was so fun to meet you and I loved you and all of your roommates! Such a fun group of ladies!

  3. you girls had so much fun - I need to be your roomie next year !!

  4. I am so glad that you decided to come to SNAP! and that you brought R. I don't remember getting the chance to meet you in person, but it looks like you had loads and loads of fun. I hope you will consider coming back next year!


  5. I miss Snap so much! It was such an amazing experience! I wish I could have met you there! I'll be honest, I saw you on the last day and got too scared! You are too cute.

  6. Great summary--and I'm so glad I got to meet you!
    You know, I loved staying with my sister, but that's one part of the experience I kind of missed out on--not having roommates. There wasn't that time to really sit down and get to know someone.

  7. you are SO sweet, and I'm bummed we didn't get to take your headshot--what happened there?!? I am so happy to have met you, too;)

  8. I was thrilled to meet you and Rach and had a wonderful time getting to know you both a little better! You are so crazy talented!!


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