Monday, November 28, 2011

{Not So Mini} Mini Skirt + Tutorial

 When I found this corduroy fabric at Joann's, I immediately pictured a little mini skit! I love the pattern and the colors! And of course I couldn't resist adding some pom-poms!

Ok... so here is how you make it.

You will need:
elastic for back waistband

To create your ratio, measure waist.
Front piece of skirt= 1/2 width of waist measurement by length desired (don't forget to include seam allowances)
Back Piece of skirt= 3/4 waist measurement by length desired (don't forget to include seam allowances)
Just so you can visualize it more, I will show my daughters ratios...
Waist=19 inches
Front piece= 10.5 inches x length (I added one inch to the width for seam allowances- that is why it is 10.5 instead of 9.5)
Back Piece= 15.25 inches x length (added one inch for seam allowances)
 Step 1: Take the back piece of fabric and create a casing for the elastic. ( I was using 1 inch elastic so I folded over 1/4 inch and pressed and then folded over again 1 1/4 inch and pressed.)
 Step 2: Sew along the top and bottom of the casing.
 Step 3: Cut your elastic- divide waist measurement in half and then subtract 1-2 inches and that will be the length for your elastic. 
Step 4: Thread your elastic through that casing.
 Step 5: Once you get it all the way through, pin it on each side so you can sew it to the edge of the fabric.

Step 6: After your elastic is sewn into the waist, line up the front and back pieces of the skirt right sides together and sew down the sides of the skirt. Then hem the skirt to desired length.

Step 7: Sew on the pom poms.

That's it! Easy peasy!


  1. This is co cute!! I'm going to make one for my baby sister as soon as possible :) The length is perfect.. Love it!

  2. Such an adorable skirt! I am actually making some skirts this week! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. I love this skirt! I wonder if my Joann's has this fabric?

  4. This is so unbelievably cute :)


  5. Oh my word this is the cutest little skirt!!! Love it :) Would love for you to link up to my SPEND LESS | GIVE MORE holiday LINK PARTY!

    - Lauren @

  6. the pom poms are great! so fun for a little girl.


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