Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Handmade Halloween Costumes

It's finally looking like fall has come to visit in my neck of the woods... Temps dropped from in the 90s to the 60s in a matter of 2 days. A little drastic if you ask me, but I love this time of year so I guess I shouldn't complain! I have pumpkin spice candles filling my home with a yummy, cozy aroma and I've started working on Halloween costumes for my two little girls. 

It's totally crazy to me that it's already time for Halloween costume preparations, but with going the handmade route, it is a lot of work and I don't want to be burning the midnight oil on October 30th to finish them up. Thus, I am being proactive and feeling on top of things (for once in my life!;).

I said I would never do handmade costumes. EVER.

For a couple reasons.... 

1- On a whole, I think they cost A LOT more than buying a costume at the store. 
2- They are so much extra work and time... 

But never say never I guess... I waffled this year and the handmade costumes are in full swing at our house! 

I am going the homemade route mainly because my youngest wanted to be something that I knew I was not going to be able to buy somewhere. She wants to be Sheriff Callie. (If you don't have a toddler in your house, you probably have no idea who that is, but trust me- She's a big deal)

I'm really excited with how the costume is coming along so far... I can't wait to finish all of the other details and  try it all on my daughter. She is loving watching the progress and very excited about the thought of being "Sheriff Callie"- which is making all this extra work totally worth it! :)  

My oldest daughter was kinda wishy washy on what she wanted to be, but leaning toward Elsa- which we already have a costume for, but since I was doing handmade for one I figured I better go all the way crazy and do handmade for the other- right? 

So after brain storming together, we came up with Little Red Riding Hood. 
Luckily, I have the darling book Little Things to Sew, which has a pattern for the cutest Little Red Cape. 

So with my favorite show starting again tonight (NASHVILLE- can I get a Hallelujah?! I dying to see what Rayna is going to say about Deacon's proposal!!) and lots of pattern pieces to cut out, you know where you can find me for the next little bit!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!
xoxo, Ashley

I haven't done a work in progress post in a while...  do y'all like WIP posts?? I post plenty of behind the scenes pictures on Instagram, but I know not everyone is on there, so I thought I would pop over and go the "old fashioned" route with the old bloggety blog... So let me know one way or the other by leaving a comment on whether you like seeing it here, or would rather just see it all on insta and see finished projects on the blog...
Thanks in advance for your input! 


  1. We LOVE Sheriff Callie at our house!!! My daughter is only 2 (not even 2-1/2) so I'm not sure she gets the whole gist of dressing up...much less Halloween so I'll probably wait 'till next year to do something SHE chooses...this year will be my

  2. Very impressed with your progress so far, puts me to shame! Guess I'm pretty old fashioned or a bit of a techno phone so prefer blogs than Instagram etc. look forward to seeing the finished outfits x

  3. Like seeing your WIP. The Sheriff looks like a cute costume. Can't wait for the finish.

  4. I like it on the blog. I haven't invested in Instagram yet... :) I don't know Sheriff Callie, but her mask is super cute! :)

  5. I was wondering if you ever posted pictures of the finished costumes? I have a little Sheriff Callie this year, and I would love to see!!! The mask is AMAZING!!!


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