Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fort Firefly Patchwork Quilt

When Fabricworm offered to send me a fat quarter bundle of Fort Firefly before it was released, let's just say I was pretty darn excited! If you read my last post, you probably gathered that I have a huge fabric crush on the entire line!
I took about 2 days before I dared cut into it. 
Do you get nervous cutting into really pretty fabric?? I am always worried about being totally sure that I know what I am doing before cutting into something special. Plus- with this fabric, I was so torn on what sort of quilt to make because I didn't want to cut up the prints too much because I love them in their entirety! I was debating on a small Swoon quilt, On a Whim, and even thought about using my Victory Garden quilt pattern, but in the end  I finally decided that I had better do a large 8 inch square patchwork so that the prints weren't all sliced and diced up.
 I did 7 x 9 quilt blocks and the quilt ended up being 52.5 x 67.5 inches so it is not too big, but not too small- the perfect size quilt that will fit my daughter for a long time. 

From the fat quarter bundle of 13 prints, I was able to get 4 blocks of each print cut out and still have a large scrap of each fabric left over to make a smaller project (yay!). In edition to the 52 blocks of the Fort Firefly, I threw in a handful of printed linen and a couple other coordinating fabrics that I had lying around to make the quilt a bit larger. I really love the look and texture that the printed linen gave to the quilt! It was a perfect pairing for the prints. (I got my linen here.)

I also bound the quilt in linen as well. I have never done that before and it was kinda a love hate relationship as I was hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. The linen was just bulky enough that my fingers and hands were pretty sore once I was finished- but I really love the way it turned out! It definitely added to the "woodlandy" feel of the quilt. 
As for quilting, I did something I had never done before. I am always pretty basic in my quilting because I don't know how to fmq (free motion quilt) yet- well let's rephrase that... it simply just freaks me out! I really need to try it sometime because I would love to be able to do it! Anyways... I wanted to figure out a way to "cheat" and make it look like my quilt was sort of free motion quilted, so I looked at the stitches on my machine and found this one....
A wavy stitch! I did a little practice run on a scrap of fabric to make sure it was going to look ok and went for it! I bumped my stitch length as high as my machine would let me (which wasn't very high 2.5) and got to stitching. I just used a seam in the middle of my quilt for a reference and then after that first line of stitches worked my way out to the edge of the quilt by stitching rows of vertical wavy lines next to each other until the quilt was all filled up. I used my walking foot and I lined up the edge of my walking foot to the outermost wave of the line next to it and repeated until it was all quilted. I loved quilting it because there was seriously no way to mess up the design as long as I went in a straight line! Perfect for the way I normally quilt things- straight lines!
 I used some fabric I had on hand for the back of the quilt. (Riley Blake Verona Rouge Stripe)
I would have really loved to back it in this darling print:
but when I got the bundle from Fabricworm, extra yardage was not available yet.

BUT- There is super good news for anyone that has a huge crush on this fabric like I do though....I just got an email notice that I signed up for that

I know this darling collection is going to go fast so be sure to head over to Fabricworm and snag some of it before it is all gone! You will not be disappointed! :)

Happy sewing!! 
xoxo, Ashley


  1. Love this! I wish the fabric wasn't $16.50 a yard...eek!

  2. Your quilt turned out great! Love the collection. Love your decision to just do a simple patchwork. Love the quilting, too! Wish my machine had special stitches like yours. I tend to default to my "organic" wavy stitch, as I am also freaked out by FMQ. I totally procrastinate when it comes to actually practicing any FMQ though - I hear that's the best thing you can do to learn. Practice. Practice. Practice. Well...hopefully one of these days :)

  3. That's a very ingenious way to quilt and it looks great!

  4. That looks great. I'm working on a quilt with fort firefly right now too and I agree, I didn't want to start cutting until I knew just what I wanted to do with it.

  5. So pretty. And thanks so much for sharing the quilting tip. I haven't tried the wavy quilting yet. I was wondering how I would gage one line to the next. using the edge of the walking foot is a great idea, thanks so much :)

  6. This is fabulous! I really like the line and what you did ; )

  7. I LOVE this! I am waiting for the release of this collection, and love seeing it being used!
    I'm searching for the perfect fabric for On A Whim, doesn't it seem like almost EVERY collection is a great candidate?! (I think I'm going with Koi By Rashida Coleman!)

  8. This is amazing fabric and such a great job on the quilt! Once your email came out saying it was available, I ran right over to purchase it :) Thank you so much for the introduction to Fort Firely.

    I get very excited when you do new blog posts, so please keep it up!


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