Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage Lace Pillowcase + Tutorial

While I was home visiting last month, I had the opportunity to raid my grandma's sewing stash full of vintage treasures. I even inherited a vintage robin egg blue sewing machine. Among the boxes and boxes full of notions, I found an entire box full of vintage lace. I had never really sewn with lace before but it was so beautiful to pass up, so I grabbed pretty much all of it.

A while ago, I got thinking back to my childhood days of going to summer camps. At a few of the camps I attended, I was presented with a fun homemade pillowcase to use for that week. Each time I used the pillowcase, it was such a fun reminder of the adventures I had that. {I still have a handful of the pillowcases- although they are ratty with years of use now}
So I thought it would be a lot of fun to make each of my girls a fun summer pillowcase. With my love of vintagey things, I wanted to use some of the old lace and pair it with a vintage feeling print. For this project I used the Blissful Fashionista fabric from the Hello Luscious line by Basic Grey for Moda. I love this fabric. I think it looked perfect with the old vintage lace and my little girl loves it- especially since it has "Great Grandma Betty's" lace on it! :)

So here is how I made it...

- 1 yard main fabric
- 38 x 3 inch strip of contrasting fabric
-38 inches of lace (I used 1 1/4 inch wide lace- you can use any size you want, but if you decide to use wider lace, you will need to adjust the width of the contrasting fabric to make it wider than 3 inches so that the lace will fit on it)

Cutting your fabric:
With the yard of fabric, cut one piece that is 38x24 inches and then one piece that is 38x9 inches. For the contrasting fabric, cut a strip that is 38x3 inches. And then you will need your 38 inches of lace.

Once your fabric is cut, you are ready to start...

Step 1: Take both the 38x9 and 38x3 inch pieces and fold them in half and press with your iron.

Step 2: Lay the folded contrasting fabric on top of the folded main fabric (raw edges to the right side) and then lay your strip of lace on top of the contrasting fabric.

Step 3: Next lay your 38x24 inch piece on top of the lace/contracting fabric/fabric cuff right side down and pin.

Step 4: Sew along the pinned edge (using a 1/4 seam allowance). After you are done sewing along that side, zig zag or serge along the raw edge to prevent it from fraying. (sorry no picture for this step)

Step 5: Open up the fabric and press with the seam going towards the inside of the pillowcase. Then top stitch on the right side of the fabric to hold that pressed seam down and give it a finished look.

Step 6: Next, fold your fabric in half right sides together. Be sure to line up the lace trim on the sides. Now pin edges together and then stitch along the edge. After you are done stitching, zig zag or serge the edge to prevent from fraying.

Step 7: Turn your pillowcase right side out and press.

That's it. You are done. Now you can enjoy your fun summer pillowcase!


  1. This is absolutely sweet, the fabric is perfect...I heart Moda fabrics too!

  2. I just recently found your blog and I love it! You have such beautiful work and great turorials. Thank you so much.

  3. I love the lace and the fabric--very nice! Your tutorial is great! I'm still waiting for my quilt to come home from the quilter--thanks again for the motivation, although I think I'm over motivated now with all the blog hopping. ;O)

  4. Looks beautiful Ashley! That lace is perfect!

  5. What a great pillowcase, and I love that you've incorporated your grandmother's lace.

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  7. So pretty! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  8. Oooh... beautiful lace!!! Adds a nice finishing touch to the pillowcase...

  9. Oh the lace adds such a nice touch and what a great tutorial! Lace is such a nice embellishment!

  10. Oh fun! This is a great tutorial and the pillowcase is one of a kind. Simply lovely! We'd love to have you link it up at our "Home is Where the Heart is" Link Party!

  11. Hi Ashley! I love your beautiful blog and all of your projects. I like the idea of making a special summer camp pillowcase for my daughter. Was this for a standard-size pillow or a travel pillow?

    Thanks so much!

  12. Hi Ashley! I know this is an older post, but I came back to it again as it is the best tutorial I've found for making these sweet pillowcases. I made one last summer for my daughter's first trip to summer camp, and now I am on my sixth one for my nieces as gifts. Thanks for such a good tutorial and for the pretty pictures to accompany it.


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