Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Fabric Find: ModeS4u Fabric Shop

As most of you know... I am a huge fan of fabric! 
I have a darling local shop where I find some of my fabric, but I like buy most of my fabric online when I find good deals/sales- so I love it when I find a great online shop to add to my list!

My most recent find is ModeS4u

It is a darling Kawaii shop that sells darling fabric, buttons, stationary, washi tape, and Bento Boxes (which are fun Japanese lunch boxes). 

They were kind enough to let me choose out 5 fat quarters to review. I loved browsing their shop and had a hard time narrowing down to 5! They have so many darling fabrics to choose from! 

I love them all! I have big plans for an i-spy quilt for my girls and have been slowly collecting fabrics over the past 2 years to include in it... I am thinking that they little animals in school and both matryoshka fabrics will a perfect addition to my stash for that quilt! They are just too cute!

As for the animals in frames and the deer wearing glasses- those are strictly for me! hee-hee! Both of these have been on my wish list for a while now, but you know how things go- being a mom I always buy fabric to make things for my girls before I buy some to make something for myself. I have big plans for these pretties! 

I couldn't believe how quickly the fabric shipped from Hong Kong! It arrived here in 7 days! Look how darling they package it up! I love it!

I will definitely be placing another order soon! There were so many other fabrics that just might need to be a part of my stash! Plus, I think my girls would love a darling Bento Box or two to play with in their little kitchen! I am thinking these might fit the bill! :)


  1. BEAUTIFUL fabric! How do you even begin to just pick a few! So many things you could make with that fabric.


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