Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Think Outside the Blog} My Girlish Whims

Hello! This is Ashley's friend Rachel, from Family Ever After. We all love and adore Ashley. While she is taking some time off, I've organized a series involving some of her favorite bloggers. Over the next couple weeks, you can check in with some of the internet's most adored bloggers, and find out what makes them think outside the blog. We love you Ashley, and look forward to your return! 
My heart goes out to Ashley!! This is such a sad time for her family.  My prayers are with you all!

This is Rebecca from My Girlish Whims. My blog is all about beading, crafting, and general life as a girl!
My Girlish Whims

When I was asked to write about what inspires me, I automatically knew what my answer would be: crafting supplies!!!

My favorite type of craft to do is jewelry making. Most of the time new pieces I make come from me just sitting down at my beading desk and playing around with the different kinds of beads I have laying around.

I love to play around with the different colors, sizes, and textures of beads. 

Sometimes I spend an hour or more just sitting and playing around with different combinations of beads.  Sometimes nothing clicks right and I walk away with nothing made.  Other times I really like a combination and will bang out multiple pieces in one sitting!

Of course other craft material inspires me too! On a flea market trip last year I bought ALL of these buttons for a dollar!! I love just spreading them all out on my work space and getting ideas of what to use them for!

I got all these fabrics and such for very cheap as well - I loved digging around through the piles and piles at the flea market to find some that I really liked!!

Thank you for giving me a quick moment to share what inspires me!!

I'd love if you'd stop by my blog and say hi or check out some of my projects:

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  1. I enjoy Rebecca's blog very much! She has some major talent! Thanks for sharing!


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