Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Think Outside the Blog} Kojo Designs

Hello Mommy by Day fans! I'm Kirstin, half of the sister team that blogs at kojodesigns, and I'm so honored to be here today. I loved having the chance to get to know y'all a little during So You Think You Can Sew and am thrilled to be back.

I've loved this "Thing Outside the Blog series" and having a chance to think about the things that inspire me. Usually, my plate is a little full (ok, to be honest, sometimes overflowing), and I get so caught up in the box checking and task completing and schedule fulfilling that I don't take the time to reflect on more abstract concepts like what I'm inspired by. I've loved coming up with this list, though! Without further ado-

Six things that inspire me-
My kids are at the top of this list (probably because I spend the most time with them), but I think that there is a limitless supply of creative energy to be found in family life. Not only am I inspired to create functional (or beautiful) things for the people I love, the things my kids say, even the colors and patterns that they seem to notice that I'd flit right on by, are full of inspiration.

Once upon a time, I heard an interior designer make the distinction between "God-Made" and "manmade" material, asserting that God made materials (those found in nature) are so rich with depth and variety that we can't help but be drawn to them. I wholeheartedly agree! The detail and variety found in nature- soft puffs of cotton and the rainbows found within flowers and the intricacy of the grain of wood- cannot be matched. And, with that variety and detail comes an endless supply of inspiration!

I love to travel. Like lo-o-ove it- I am absolutely fascinated by other cultures and places. And I love it that every time I travel somewhere new, I experience a whole new world of architecture and color and art and landscape. Combinations I'd never imagined are splashed together- giving me new pairings and categories I'd never considered until then.

I have to admit, I am a summer-loving kind of girl. There's something about the warmth of sunshine, the relaxed evenings, the frozen yogurt! that resonates with me. However, I love it that each different season brings with it a new set of color palettes, a new menu, a new set of ideas. Left to my own devices, I'd probably choose a never-ending summer. At the same time, I'm so thankful for the seasonal variety each year brings (and the inspiration within)!

Since I spent 90% of the winter in jeggings, a sweater and boots (and am about to move to my summer 'uniform' of sundresses, cardigans, and sandals), this one's probably a surprise. But fashion, with it's colors and lines and shapes and even moods, is such a source of inspiration to me. I love looking around pinterest or paging through InStyle magazine (which happens oh-so-rarely and is such a treat) for inspiration.

YOU! You inspire me- whether it is on your blog, or whether I find you and your creative genius on pinterest, or whether I see something you've made in a magazine or webzine or website, you are one of my greatest inspirations!

Thanks again for having me Ashley (and Rach)! Come by kojodesigns any time and say hi, friends!

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  1. Kirstin, this was a fun post to read. You have a lot of meaning behind what you say. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts! And, love you Ash!!!


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