Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Traditions: Miss Lovie

Hi Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night readers!!

 I'm Allie from Miss Lovie and I'm so super excited to be here today and share my holiday traditions! You can find me on my blog sharing my tutorials on everything I create including home decor, sewing projects for children and women, jewelry, holiday decor, and whatever else I can get my hands on. Feel free to swing by and see me! 

Now on to my holiday traditions. I don't have any kids yet and Mr. Lovie and I just go to our families' holiday celebrations mostly. While he and I have our little Christmas traditions, I wanted to share my favorites from my family growing up. We did all the normal things like decorate the tree together, read different Christmas stories every night before bed, attend special Christmas services at church, be "actors" in the live nativity scenes(!), open pajamas on Christmas Eve, etc. One of my favorites though has always been the Breakfast Casserole that is made for Christmas morning. 

Oh. Yum. This breakfast casserole isn't usually made for any other time of the year so it's very special at Christmas. We eat it, along with country ham, fruit, cinnamon roles, etc. as a brunch on Christmas Day with the whole fam. 
I can't tell you exactly where this recipe came from. My mom's recipe card just says "from a magazine", but we've been using it for as long as I can remember. 
And the best part? It's so easy. Well, the best part is really that it's so delicious. This is definitely a Christmas tradition that I will be sure continues throughout our family for many years to come.

And just one more family tradition for you...
We all do this. Family Picture Christmas Cards. Right? Yeah. Well the sister and I have been in Christmas cards for forever. All 26 years of my life. And they're still going. Yeah. And there are some relatives and family friends that tell me they still have all of them. 
I present to you: Christmas Card 2011. 
This year was special because we got to have my parents' new puppies in it. Usually it's just us. :) Yes, I am 26 and Maggie is 23. And yes my parents still use us on their Christmas cards. Even though neither one of us live with them anymore. And we both have our own relationships and live in different cities and everything. Yet, we're still on the Christmas card. Just us. Ha. Don't do this to your children. Or do. It's kinda funny. 

We have been pretty cute over the years, though. Check it out.
Aw. Baby Maggie. And my long flowing locks started young....

Might be my fave. Those acid wash jeans are just the best.
My grandmother made those night gowns. I remember them being very warm and comfy. And I remember feeling beautiful. :)

Oh, the joy of having to take these pictures! Before the age of digital photography, my dad would take about 4 rolls just praying that there'd be one picture that Maggie didn't have her eyes closed in, or Maggie didn't have me in a hug/headlock, or Maggie didn't have her chin up (she still has this problem...) See a trend here? Maggie tends to always do something weird. There are about 45 more of these. I'm not sure that any of them were what my dad was looking for. 

Why? Why were these outfits ok? Too bad I don't still have that sweater (and those pants!!) so I could wear it to the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party I'm going to soon...
And I'll only let you see one from the awkward years. 

Well, who knows how much longer this Christmas tradition may last... maybe forever. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents sent out pictures of just Maggie and me even when we both have our own families. One thing is for sure I know Maggie will continue to make things difficult for the photographer.
Thanks for having me over, Ashley! 



  1. The breakfast casserole looks delish! Thanks for sharing


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  2. Thanks for having me Ashley! I think this is such a fun series. :) It was a fun post to think about and write.


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