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Holiday Traditions: Love Notes by Lauryn

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ashley is so great. she has me over here so much. and i feel SOO lucky!
she is amazing. she has helped me out so much. 
and i know i say that everytime. but ashley: you are INCREDIBLE!!
thank you :)

i am really excited about the holiday traditions series ashley has going on.
my family has a lot of fun traditions. i was debating which tradition to post.
some are more unique than others, but i decided to choose the tradition that is closest to my heart, and the one that has been going in our family for almost 50 years!
(hope i am not sounding too cheesy!)

from the time i was little until now,
my mom took us to pick out an ornament for our tree every year.
we would take the ornament home and write our name and year on it.
every single year when we got the christmas decorations out, 
my sister and i would get SO excited to look at the ornaments we had collected so far.

this ornament was always (and still is) my favorite.
i was FIVE years old when i got this ornament!
as you can tell, it is pretty rugged. we loved our ornaments.

but you really gotta hear the background information about this tradition.
this is the coolest part.
this tradition has been in our family since 1965.
when my mom was a little girl, she got an ornament every year for christmas.

the ornaments below are from when my mom was younger. 
she was 17 in 1983.

my grandparents have helped keep this tradition alive.
each year for christmas, they send each one of the grandchildren an ornament with our names and years hand painted on the ornament. below are two of my favorites:

i love this tradition.
it's always so fun to look back and see what my interests were when i was younger.
i loved to collect the angel ornaments.
a lot of my ornaments are angels.
and the great thing is, this tradition is ALWAYS unique. 
because the ornaments will always be different, 
and each ornament carries a christmas memory with it to look back on each year.
this is such a special tradition in my family.
i am excited to carry out this tradition in my little family now.
46 years and counting!

thanks again ash for having me over!

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  1. oh geez. i forgot to change the dates when you postponed the post.. sorry it's a couple days outdated!
    thanks for having me over!
    {love} lauryn


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