Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Traditions: The Letter 4

Hi there! I'm so excited to be here today at Mommy by, Day Crafter by Night! Isn't Ashley just a doll?! My name is Jamie and I have a blog with my 3 sisters called

We're just 4 normal sisters that grew up stealing each others clothes, hogging the bathrooms, staying up till all hours of the morning laughing and talking. Now we all live in different places. So our blog has been such a great place for us to still connect to each other and share crafts, style, recipes, and day to day things.

Our family was pretty normal when it came to Christmas traditions. We love the classic stuff. We all got a new pair of pajamas to sleep in the night before Christmas, we got to open up one present on Christmas Eve, and we had my mom's amazing sticky buns for breakfast in the morning (after presents of course).

One of my all time favorite "traditions" about our Christmas's, was that Santa never wrapped his gifts to us. When we woke up in the wee hours of the morning we would run to the living room and all of our gifts would be in huge piles. After several hours of going through our piles from Santa we would finally remember we still had gifts under the tree from family and friends, so it was like a whole other Christmas just started. I have seen it done other ways at friends and families house but seriously...this was THE ultimate way as a kid to wake up to Christmas morning. So many fun memories

Last year, I wanted to start a new tradition with my daughter to do every year. So I decided I wanted to paint a Christmas ornament every year with her. As an artist I have already instilled a passion for drawing and painting into my little one year old so I am so excited to paint one with her this Christmas!

Last year was our first bulb. I painted up an ornament, slathered some paint all over her little newborn foot for and pushed it onto the bulb. It was fun seeing her squirm and giggle when I used the paintbrush on her tiny little foot.

Come on over to our blog to see what we paint together this year!

Thanks so much for having us a part of your Christmas series Ashley!

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  1. what a CUTE idea! I wish i could turn back time and do this with my kids:) I just saw your pink shelf that you posted back in june on pinterest and i just wanted to tell you how ADORABLE it is!:) Im going to copy you and do that in my girls room:) I am your newest follower:)


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