Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Post: Minimoz Blog

I am so happy to introduce you to Danielle from The Minimoz Blog... She is darling! She blogs from Australia and you may pick up bits of her Australian "Accent" as you read through this post. I love it! :)

Take it away Danielle...

My name is Danielle & I am the creator of the Minimoz Blog.
The real minimoz's behind my crafting is Zac, 3 & Ella, 1.
I love the inspiration I get  from them.
I do have a slight confession, I....AM....A.....CURBSIDE....RUBBISH....STEALER!!
Some may laugh, But I 'm the one saving the money.  Check out my Wooden Kitchen Make Over.

I am excited to be here to share one of my favorite projects with you all... It's my Love Map!

I have been receiving many requests on how I made the Love Map.
So here is a quick run down.

This is the frame that I started with. 
(smaller version of this tut)

I had a old frame & sanded it back

I really wanted to paint it white, but didn't have any at home & I really HAD to make this right away.
So I actually used Zac's paint

I used some paper towel and rubbed it back to give it a little texture.

I was going to use the insert that comes with the frame, but the shape was wrong, so i decided to the use the white backing paper that comes with the frame. (image below) Just make sure the picture doesn't show through.

I found my 3 pages & ripped them out, then on another map or plain paper. I freehand stretched one half of a love heart. 

 Cut it out

 Folded, traced & cut around the heart

 With the maps I intended on using I placed the heart over the exact spot where "we met". I tried to place it in the centre of the heart.
I traced & cut in the inside of the pen line.

Pasted all three hearts on the white paper evenly. 
Used Scrap booking letters for the wording.
Put glass over the top.
Hang & Enjoy!!

Better go cross another one off my list.

Thanks for letting me stop by! Hope you will come on over to my side of the world and check out my blog!


  1. That is so clever. Thanks for sharing! Looks easy enough for me to make a nice last minute handmade gift for Christmas.

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