Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog Swap: Love Notes by Lauryn

hello mommy by day, crafter by night readers!
i'm lauryn from love notes by lauryn
i blog about fashion, beauty, crafts, diy, & design

today i am sharing with you a christmas decoration i made this year:
here's what i used:
hot glue
an old frame
old buttons

here's what i did:
i cut burlap to the size of the cardboard backing and 
painted candy canes on the burlap by using part of a #2 stamp
after the paint was dry, i hot glued the burlap to the cardboard

i painted the frame green,
added stripes to the candy canes.
hot glued random buttons, ribbon, and a holiday stamped paper.

it was easy and fast and turned out pretty fun!
here it is all set up:

 thanks ashley for having me!


  1. I love how you made all the elements work together. That is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.


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