Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Post: Southern Lovely Blog

I am so excited to have Lindsay from Southern Lovely posting today! If you haven't been over to check out her blog yet, head over asap! It is darling! One of my favorites in fact! A little bit ago Lindsay posted this tutorial to make a Felt Flower Pillow and it was love at first sight for me so I begged her to share it with ya'll!

Take it away Lindsay!!

Hey there! I am so happy to be here at Ashley's wonderful blog! My name is Lindsay & I am the author over at Southern Lovely. I'm a busy mom of three young children. Finding 'me' time to create can sometimes be a challenge, but it really is a much needed outlet for myself.

Ashley asked if I could share my felt flower tutorial with you all. So here it is..

I've been wanting to find the perfect pop of red for my master bedroom bedding. I have a few red things that I have tried to incorporate in the room. When I saw this tutorial from Classy Clutter on how to make a felt flower pillow, the wheels starting spinning in my mind. Red felt on that pillow would look awesome in my room.

Gather supplies:

Fabric to make pillow (or a pillow that you already have)
Pillow--to place in fabric, if you are making your own
Felt--I bought 1/2 yard
Hot glue gun & several glue sticks

I decided to give it a try at making my own pillow. And let me tell you, it was easy-peasy. :)

My pillow was 14x14 inches, so I cut my fabric 14 1/2x 14 1/2 inches, because I knew I needed to sew up each side.

Once cut, I placed the right sides together, and sewed 1/4 inch seam up three sides. On the fourth side, I left an opening in the middle, so I could slide the pillow in.

Once your done sewing, turn your fabric right side out. Now slide your pillow in. I carefully machine stitched the opening, since my thread looked very invisible in my fabric. I'm assuming you could hand sew it close as well.

Now it's time to make the felt flower, and the fun part. :)

Trace & cut out three different size petals--I did over 30 of each. Small, medium & large worked best for me.

Starting with the large petals, glue them all the way around, making a circle shape. Once you run out of large, move to the medium, then the small. It's really up to you, what look you want to achieve with the flower.

Once you get to the center, cut out 6 more medium circles. Add one circle to the center of the flower & glue. Then use this technique to fill it in--

Fold one circle in half & add a dot of glue. Then fold it in half again, using more glue to secure it.

Place four of the petals around the circle, with the pointy ends toward the middle. Then place the last petal in the center of the circle.
And that is it! Pretty fun, right?! I am so happy that this cute little pillow found a home on my bed. I love the bright color it adds to the mix!

Thanks for letting me stop by! I would love for you to check out more tutorials over at my place!



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