Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Hi, I'm Melanie from Bear Rabbit Bear craft, DIY, and life-in-general blog. If you've never had a chance to stop by, I hope you will soon. We talk about several neat things throughout the week, and I have a Things I've Done Thursday link party that runs Thursdays through Saturday. I love my readers and followers, so I would be honored if you stopped by. Thanks so much to Ashley for letting me guest post today! Now on to today's topic!

I shared this on my blog a few months ago, but it was such a huge hit that I immediately wanted to share it again when I heard that Ashley was looking for guests. This is such an easy trick to dress up your cupcakes, and with the holidays quickly approaching, who doesn't need easy and quick?
I've never been much of a cake decorator. In fact, the thought of having to decorate a cake for other people to see and eat scares me half to death. But, I love making cupcakes. They are fun, and my daughter loves to make them with me.

My mother-in-law's birthday was last week, and Natalee and I decided we wanted to make her some cupcakes for her birthday. I wanted to find a way to dress up the cupcakes and didn't really have time to go to the store. (Usually the cupcakes I make have white icing and travel in a rubbermaid container). I opened by pantry, and ta-da!! I actually spotted two ways that I could spruce up my plain Jane cupcakes!

#1 Quick Kool-Aid Icing

To instantly color and flavor my white frosting in a can, I emptied the can into a glass bowl. I then picked out which Kool-Aid flavor I wanted to use (strawberry) and dumped the whole packet int the icing. I stirred until it was thoroughly mixed together, and...Voila!! Pink strawberry icing! I had actually read this idea on a cake mix or icing packet before, but had never tried it. It turned out as an amazing, quick trick!

I will add a disclaimer to this- the frosting was very strawberry. To tone it down a bit, I would maybe only use 1/2-3/4 of the packet.

#2 Martha Stewart Treat Boxes

I has totally forgotten that I had these treat boxes in my pantry. I bought them a while back to use for gifts. I am so glad that I spotted  them because they were an instant dress-up option for these cupcakes! If you've never used one of these kits from Martha, they really are great. The kit comes with the box, matchbox type cover, tissue paper to line the inside, a ribbon, and gift sticker.

Basically, I have no more excuses for Plain Jane Rubbermaid Cupcakes!!

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  1. I love this! What a fun way to make cupcakes look so fancy! And that box is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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