Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Shelf of Many Colors

I have wanted to find a pink shelf for my girls bedroom for almost a year now. I searched etsy, all over the internet, you name it- I looked there. I found lots of really cute pink shelves but they were SUPER expensive and of course I always thought the very most expensive ones were the cutest! I ended up buying one that I thought was darling and was only $25! Those of you who read my family blog know how good that went... Basically in a nut shell it was pretty tiny and not quite what I was looking for and once I got it and saw how tiny it was I realized why it was only $25. 

So about a month ago I got a 50% off coupon for Hobby Lobby and headed there in search of an unfinished shelf I could paint myself. 

It was $15.99 regularly so with my coupon it was less than $8 bucks! Can't beat that! I know it's not the newest style or cutest shelf on the block, but it looks cute in their room and I can actually put things on it! (the one I bought off etsy is too narrow to fit anything on it- so it's more of a wall accent than a shelf)

I started by paining it pink and had just planned on sanding off the edges to rough it up a bit but it wasn't quite the look I was hoping for. So I added some watered down charcoal gray, some watered down antique white by applying it all over and then wiping it off with a rag. Then I finished it off by painting the whole thing with a watered down lighter pink than the first coat of pink (but I didn't wipe it off). After it was all dry I sanded the edges and roughed it up a little. 

You are probably wondered why I went through that whole process when overall it looks pretty much just plain pink right??? ha ha Good question. 

I wanted to be able to see the different colors through the lightest pink when I sanded off the top layer of paint. Like this:

Painting wood projects like this is super easy and fairly inexpensive. It is hard to screw up because if something doesn't look how you want it to- you just paint over it! 

Happy Painting!

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